Over 500,000 Seedlings Planted Under The Guyana Mangrove Restoration Programme

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The Mangrove Restoration and Management Department was started in 2010 as the Mangrove Restoration Project and was aimed at restoring the number of mangroves along the coastline that have throughout the years been diminished through cutting down or other various natural phenomenon. It so happens that sometimes as the coastline is washed and silt is taken away through erosion, some of the mangroves end up dying  and as such there is further loss due to the absence of the mangroves that hold the soil together. The Mangrove Restoration Project’s main goal was to prevent further erosion by planting more mangroves. Over the past few years, it has been able to plant over 500,000 seedlings across the length and breadth of Guyana’s coastline.

Enabling it to plant 500,000 seedlings over the last six years the Department used its Community Management. The residents in communities were contracted and paid to grow the seedlings and also to participate in placing the plants at particular sites.

The rest now is left to nature. The plants are assured to continue growing and to help in preventing mass erosion of the coastline.

Poonam Singh Shines at Miss Global International Pageant

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We all know her, if not through her popular song, G.U.Y.A.N.A., then perhaps through her numerous talented covers of already beautiful songs. Singing with a voice as beautiful as a lark’s and a personality to match, Poonam Singh has explored her standing in the world of pageantry and we can say, it has been kind so far to her.

A few months ago, she was crowned as the 2016 Miss Guyana Global International and represented Guyana on the Global stage recently in the Dominican Republic. There, she was able to cop the first runner up position, allowing Miss Brazil to take the title of Miss Global International. However, not only was Singh able to gain just that position, she also won a number of accessory titles, including, Best Personality, Best Talent, Best National Costume, and Best Gown.

Poonam, known and loved by all, holds to her name a Diploma in Communication Studies and is currently a Law Student at the University of London, through School Of The Nations in Georgetown. She is a product of Canal Number One on the West Bank of Demerara, born on February 19, 1995.

It is the first time that Guyana has made such a position in the Miss Global International Pageant.

Prince Harry’s Visit To Guyana Slated for December 2-4

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Via information from the British High Commission, it has been confirmed that Prince Harry will be in Guyana from the 2nd to the 4th of December, making it his final stop on a tour of the Caribbean.

He will be representing, Her Majesty, The Queen for her 90th birthday, especially as Guyana is celebrating its Golden Jubilee of Independence.

The tour will commence in Antigua and Barbuda, which is one of three countries celebrating significant milestones in years of independence. Prince Harry will then undertake a number of one day trips to nearby countries such as St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. His main purpose for doing this is so that he could learn more about local projects and initiatives, including those focusing on conservation, youth empowerment, and sport for social development.

It will then continue in Barbados which is also celebrating 50 years of independence. The Royal tour will then see its completion in Guyana where His Majesty plans to take in some of the natural sights of the Hinterland as well as seeing how eco-tourism and conservation have changed the lives of the people living in this area.

50 Foot Statue Of Shri Hanuman Unveiled At The Rama Krishna Mandir In Blenheim, Leguan

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A 50 feet image of the Hindu deity, Shri Hanuman, devotee to Lord Rama and leader of the army of monkeys has been recently unveiled on the Essequibo Island of Leguan.

Hanuman played an instrumental part in the Ramayan, and is worshiped for his deeds toward Lord Rama, who is celebrated especially around a time like this, Diwali.

The statue is the first of its kind at such a towering height and is located in the compound of the Rama Krishna Mandir in Blenheim, Leguan.

Initially, it was supposed to have been finished in August but minor setback prompted its completion only recently. Be that as it may, this is yet another landmark worth seeing in Guyana.

The statue was voluntarily built by sculptor, Jainarine Prahalla owner of JP Sculpting with voluntary donations from the general public.

Guyana Signs Agreement for Direct and Visa Free Flights With Chile

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It was just yesterday that Guyana and Chile signed the Open Skies Air Services Agreement and the Reciprocal Visa Abolition Agreement at the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

These agreements were signed by Carl Greenidge, Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister and his Chilean counterpart Heraldo Munoz. In their company were the presidents of the two countries, Guyana’s President David Granger and Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet.

The signing of the agreements followed bilateral talks between the two heads of state.

The Open Skies Agreement basically creates the structure for current and future airlines of both Chile and Guyana to explore the option of launching commercial flights that cover the transport of passengers and cargo between the two countries.

The Visa Abolition Agreement on the other hand paves the way for travel between the two states, without the need of a visa.

These two agreements came at a time when Guyana and Chile are working to further build on their relationship.

The Guyana Coconut Festival

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The Guyana Coconut Festival was officially opened on the 21st October, marking the first exposition of its kind on our soil.

The festival was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Business – Department of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture along with support from the ITC and Caribbean Agriculture Research Development Institute.  The main purpose was to re-educate Guyanese people about the diverse benefits of coconuts and from the way things turned out, it could be deemed a major success. Persons from all walks of life came out and flocked the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, just to see what the exhibitors had to offer as well as what creative ways the super fruit would be promoted.

Various booths were set up and included displays of all different kinds of coconut products, ranging from oil, creams, drinks, etc. In addition, a major part of the display was dedicated to the crafts that could be had from the different parts of the coconut plant. Some of these were on sale while others were there just to show the ideas.

The festival was brought to a close yesterday with the announcement of the winners of the art competition as well as an auction for the various pieces displayed.

Guyana Cancer Foundation Holds Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

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Today marked one of the many events held by the Guyana Cancer Foundation in observation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was the 11th annual Breast Cancer Fitness Walk done to raise awareness for those living with breast cancer, those who have died with it and those who have beat the odds and survived this dreaded disease. The walk, despite scattered showers began at 6 am and started at the Parade Ground, Middle Street. Throughout the march, the rain was ever present and kept some of the participants drenched. However, because of the representation, persons were persistent and kept going. They traveled out onto Camp Street through North Road and then back to Parade Ground. It was at this point that a health fair was held allowing participants to gain knowledge of the disease and what measure could be put in place to prevent and even cure it.

This walk is perhaps one of the most well known observation of breast cancer awareness month in Guyana. That is why, despite the rain a lot of persons came out in their pink in the effort to support those who have been affected by breast cancer.

Wear It Pink Friday Off To An Amazing Start

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The Guyana Cancer foundation’s event, Wear It Pink Friday is off to a great start. The event is a countrywide observation of not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month but also of National Mammography Day, which is today.

Both women and men will be donning the colour of pink in one way or the other to support persons living with breast cancer and to raise awareness for those who have beat the disease. If you are taking part, join the masses and take a picture of you and your friends, post it on social media and get others aware.

Dr. Sheik Amir Named The Acting CEO Of The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

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It was yesterday that Mr. Michael Khan, the substantive Chief Executive Officer of the Georgetown Hospital Corporation , was expected to proceed on accumulative leave. This is expected to end in July 2017, although there are reports that based on a cabinet decision he was to have left office immediately after said decision.

In his absence, the GPHC has appointed a new acting CEO who will fill in for duties that were carried out by Khan. Dr. Sheik Amir, GPHC’s Director of Medical and Professional Services has been selected to act in that capacity.

Key Club hosts Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk

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While October is Breast Cancer Awareness, it hasn’t stopped several organizations from raising awareness of several other cancers. In fact, the knowledge being distributed is the same that is being built on to raise awareness for other cancer related illnesses. Childhood cancer is one such.

Last Saturday the Key Club of the Georgetown International Academy hosted a walk for raising awareness about childhood cancers and garnering support for families dealing with such phenomena.

The walk began at the National Park, traveled along Carifesta Avenue, then into High and main Street before coming to an end at the Parade Ground. A small fair was held in order to get support through finances to help children with cancers, especially those form the interior regions.



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