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For over six years, the Guyana
Marketing Corporation (GMC)
— the Marketing arm of the
Ministry of Agriculture — through the
Guyana Shop, a local supermarket,
has provided a space for local Agroprocessors to develop, stock and
market their products to the Guyanese
public and its diasporas in a way that
no other business or agency provides.
Though it recently celebrated six
years of being reopened, the Guyana
Shop has been in existence for over 30
years. Prior to using its current name,
the local supermarket was known only
as the GMC Supermarket. During that
period, it sold fresh fruits, vegetables
and a variety of meats in addition to
small-scale agro-processed items.
After the supermarket reopened
its doors as the Guyana Shop,
the decision was taken to place
emphasis on mainly marketing local
agro-processed items.As a matter of
fact, the number of products being
marketed there currently has grown
“We have come a very long way
where agro-processing is concerned,
since the opening of the Guyana Shop
in 2012,” said its Manager, Kevin
Macklingam. Mr. Macklingam said
that there were only 600 products
on the shelves when the Shop
reopened its doors to the public.
But, to the credit of the diligent staff
who have been working assiduously
to attract new agro-processors to the
supermarket, the list of products on
the shelves has now grown to 1476
and continues to grow each year.
Not only have the items increased,
but the number of agro-processors has
also increased. “The number of Agroprocessors has already increased by
100% and the presentation of their
products has changed rapidly,” said
Macklingam. He also indicated
that there have been significant
improvements as it relates to the
quality and the overall presentation
of the local product.
Rodiekah DeFreitas, who joined
the Guyana Shop family with her line
of spices (Diekah’s Spices) just two
months ago, is beginning to reap the
benefits. “My products, since being
placed in the Guyana Shop, are
beginning to move,” DeFreitas said
with a broad smile. “With the different
activities that I have been a part of, I
must say that they have opened doors
for me to better market my products,
especially the recently held Farmers’
Market Day where I was able to make
meaningful linkages,” she happily
Ms. DeFreitas, through the
Guyana Shop, was also introduced
to other leading supermarkets in
Guyana. She said that because of
GMC’s assistance, she will soon be
supplying the Bounty Supermarket
with Diekah’s Spices.
Meanwhile, Mr. Aubrey John,
By The Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC)
48 Guyana Inc. 35th Edition
owner of GT Fruit Wine, who recently
returned to Guyana and introduced his
products to the Guyana Shop, said he
is enthusiastic about being part of the
Guyana Shop family. “I know, from
experience, when I want something
local, I would go to the Guyana Shop
to get it. Because of this, I know it
would be the same thing for other
persons who live overseas and would
want to purchase local products.” He
awaits the “unlimited exposure” his
product would receive.
In addition to marketing localagro processed products for the year
2018, there has been a plethora of
marketing opportunities for agroprocessors, many of which have led
to meaningful linkages with farmers,
exporters, local supermarket owners
and persons who are interested in
purchasing agro-processed items.
Some of these invaluable
opportunities for the year were the
Porridge Sampling Sessions that were
held at three Post Offices in Region 4,
Agro-processors’ Exhibitions which
took place in Regions 4 and 6 and
the Emancipation Exhilaration that
took place at Stabroek Square. Apart
from these marketing opportunities,
staff from the Guyana Marketing
Corporation, when invited to other
exhibitions, be it regionally or extraregionally, would use the opportunity
to promote local products available
in the Guyana Shop.
The products are not only
available in Region 4. It is important
to note that beyond its Robb and
Alexander Streets location, the
Guyana Shop has, over the years,
been quite instrumental in securing
space for agro-processed products in
local supermarkets in seven of the ten
administrative regions in Guyana.
These supermarkets include:
G&P Jaigobin & Son Supermarket
and Safeway Supermarket in Region
2; Ram’s Supermarket in Vreed-enHoop, WBD, and L. Bukhan & Son
Supermarket in Parika, Region 3;
R. Prasad’s Service Station (Mary),
Mon Repos, Railway Embankment,
E.C.D, in Region 4; Right Choice
Supermarket in Region 5; Rambrich
Gas Station, No. 41 Village, Bengal,
Corentyne, Spready’s Supermarket,
Port Mourant, Canawaima Ferry
Stelling, Moleson Creek and B’s
Mart Supermarket, Main Street New
Amsterdam, in Region 6; Williams
Brother Supermarket, First Avenue
Bartica in Region 7; and Savannah
Inn Supermarket, Lethem, in Region

  1. In addition to that, the Guyana
    Shop would also supply the Food
    Maxx Supermarket with local items.
    Further, the Shop stocks products
    from 9 of the 10 Administrative
    Regions in Guyana, with the
    exception of Region 7. The greatest
    concentration of products comes
    from Region 4. Products are sourced
    from communities as far as Rose Hall,
    Region 6; Hosororo Hill and Three
    Brothers Village, Region 1; North
    Pakaraimas, Region 8; Aranaputa
    Valley North Rupununi, Region 9;
    and Ameila’s Ward, Region 10.
    Some of the items available in
    the Guyana Shop are jams, jellies,
    sauces, seasonings, several types
    of flours, porridge mixes, coconut
    oils, soaps, honey, crabwood oils,
    coconut cream, teas, a variety of
    wines, among others.
    Expressing her gratitude for the
    collaboration that has been forged
    with the Agro-processors over the
    years, Ms. Ida Sealey-Adams, General
    Manager of the Guyana Marketing
    Corporation noted that she looks
    forward to the continued support as
    the Corporation intensifies its efforts
    to promote local products. She
    added that through the corporation’s
    public-private partnerships with
    supermarkets and other retail shop
    owners, they have benefitted from
    the allocation of spaces in their
    Supermarkets to market local Agroprocessed products.
    Elaborating on future plans for
    the Guyana Shop, Ms.Sealey-Adams
    said, “It is envisaged that this ongoing
    relationship will result in Guyana
    Shop corners in all ten Administrative
    Regions. Further, plans are in place
    to establish at least one Guyana Shop
    corner regionally and extra-regionally
    in the not too distant future. In this
    regard, in 2019, the Corporation will
    undertake missions overseas to pursue
    this venture.” Ms Sealey-Adams also
    thanked the supermarket owners who
    continue to support the Guyana Shop
    and local agro-processors.
    She is also encouraging persons,
    locally and internationally, to get
    on board and partner with the
    Guyana Marketing Corporation
    to support local agro-processors.
    “Individuals and businesses locally,
    within the diaspora, regionally and
    internationally, who are interested in
    partnering with us, can contact us at
    the Guyana Marketing Corporation
    for any information they may need,”
    Sealey-Adams said.
    35th Edition Guyana Inc. 49
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