Two new engines commissioned for Kwakwani

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Residents of Kwakwani are now benefiting from improved electricity supply thanks to the commissioning of two new engines by the Kwakwani Utilities Inc. (KUI)

A simple ceremony commissioning the two new 260 kilowatts engines was held at the Power Station. The new sets more than meet the demands of the community.

This is according to KUI’s General Manager, Mr. Fitzhubert McPherson, who said that the new sets will allow for much improvement within Kwakwani. McPherson has been General Manager since January 2017.

“When I took over, there were a lot of complaints and people were dissatisfied with the power they were having cause it was on and off…and the thing is, you weren’t notified about the power outage. With that, I sat with the technical guy and I said we have to get this thing right and we started doing checks and tests,” he said.

He foresees the new sets allowing residents to enjoy 24 hours of electricity, a marked difference from the irregular access they previously faced. The old engine, he added, was in dire need of overhauling.

“We had two CAT sets before; one engine was costing us a lot of money due to a leak it had that was throwing away most of the oil,” McPherson explained. He further said that the decision to purchase the new engines was taken following a July 2017 study by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, McPherson emphasised that KUI is serious about ensuring the longevity of the new sets and, as a result, staff members have already been exposed to training in the use of the new engines.

“We had a transition to get people knowledgeable of the new sets because we don’t want any mishaps. The representatives from Doosan [the engines reseller] are here doing on the job training, getting the guys them sensitised on how to put the engines on and off. There’s a special way to do it and deviating from that would cause a lot of problems,” McPherson explained. He hopes to have at least two members of staff exposed to more training.

Furthermore, McPherson anticipates a massive expansion project to get underway thanks to the new engines.

“With these new sets, we’ll do a lot of expansion; cause a lot of people are without power and a lot of businesses are without power so with these two new sets there will be a lot of improvement within the community,” he said.

While KUI currently serves approximately 1,200 metre households, this number is expected to grow as the company turns its sights to lighting other areas such as West Bank Kwakwani, Jonestown, New Scheme, and Staff Hill.

Miss Linden Pageant returns

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After a hiatus for over three years, the Miss Linden Pageant is back, under the theme “the dawning of a magnificent beginning”. The event comes as part of the annual Linden Town Week celebration.

This Year’s pageant is being coordinated by Crystal Lam Designs (A local fashion company) and will see seven Delegates compete for the coveted crown of Miss Linden 2018.

As part of their platforms, delegates chose themes that coincided with the Linden Mayor and Town Council’s vision of a green economy, such as clean transportation, renewable energy, agro-processing etc. The competition this year will feature the following segments: Community project; Talent; Recycled Wear; Swim wear; Evening Gown and Intelligent Segment.

The pageant will entail: Swimwear Segment – Sunday April 15 (Toucan Mall Pool Side); Intelligent Segment – Wednesday April 18 (NCN Live) and Pageant Finale – Saturday April 21 (MSC Ground).

On the Finale all prizes amounting to over $1.5 million will be share among the Queen, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up, Miss Congeniality, Best Smile, Miss Fitness, Miss Photogenic, Miss Intelligence, Best Evening Gown, Miss Green and Best Talent.

Expert Natural Resources team for high-level caucus

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The Ministry of Natural Resources has organised a high-level caucus for Cabinet Ministers to engage global thinkers and experts on natural resource management as part of the Government of Guyana’s agenda to prepare for petroleum production in 2020, and beyond. The event will be facilitated by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, through its New Producers Group, and will feature world renowned experts. Among the experts will be Sir Paul Collier, noted Professor of Economics at Oxford University, Sir Shridath Ramphal, Caribbean Statesman and International Advisor, Mr. Eric Parrado, former Manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Chile, Ambassador Patrick Duddy, Lecturer, Duke University, Dr. Valerie Marcel, Chatham House Fellow, Professor Matthew Andrews, Harvard, Kennedy School of Government, Professor Peter Harrington, Harvard, Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Patrick Heller, Advisor, Natural Resource Governance Institute, and Dr. Paloma Mohamed, University of Guyana.

The Government’s objective is part of an ongoing effort to move preparations to a deeper level of engagement on issues such as prioritising spending on infrastructure, agriculture and social programmes, inter-generational savings, geo-political considerations, legal and institutional strengthening, benefit sharing and engagement and involvement of the people of Guyana, to name a few.

This caucus, which will start today is expected to lead to further similar engagements in a scheduled and programmatic way in the months ahead.


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Caribbean Airlines’ advertising campaigns for 2017/2018 have gained top honours, and the airline and its Advertising Agency have been recognised by the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF), which is the first leg towards competing at the American Advertising Awards or ADDYs, the world’s largest advertising competition. Caribbean Airlines’ award winning adverts were developed and produced by Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Limited, and as a Gold ADDY Award winner in the Local CAF tier of the competition, Caribbean Airlines and Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi automatically qualify to compete in the National American Advertising Awards.

The airline has won five CAF ADDY Awards; three Gold and two Silver awards in the print and radio categories. Gold print awards were given for “Hello Caribbean Spread”, “Cuba Wrap” and “Going Beyond” Bird illustration; and for radio, “You Are My Wings” Jingle, won silver along with “Rhythm & Blues St Lucia” press ad. “Caribbean Airlines and Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi are definitely a winning combination. The airline’s advertising appeals to the heart & soul of the discerning traveller and has solidified the airline as a Caribbean brand.

“We congratulate Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi on this auspicious win and wish them every success in the further leg of the competition”, stated Garvin Medera, Caribbean Airlines Chief Executive Officer. The American Advertising Federation (AAF) hosts the advertising industry’s most comprehensive and prestigious competition recognizing creative excellence in advertising. The competition is comprised of three tiers starting with local competitions such as CAF including entries from across the Caribbean. Winners in the local CAF competition move on to compete with other winners from the 4th District that includes the entire state of Florida. Gold award winning entries then automatically move to the final tier to compete for top honors in the National American Advertising Awards. The Caribbean was well represented by local companies from 33 different companies representing seven island nations including Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, US Virgin Islands and Grand Cayman. The District 4 ADDY Gala will be held on April 14th, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Model Green School to be introduced at Yarrowkabra Primary

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The Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, under the Green Generation Guyana (#3G) Sanitation Programme will be launching a Model Green School Project (GSP).

The school selected for the launch of this activity is the Yarrowkabra Primary School on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

The intention of the Ministry is to create a model of greening at the newly constructed facility that can be replicate at other primary schools. The Project is expected to include: (1)    Presentation on Food and Nutrition Security (Green diet); (2)   Waste bins and wall posters distribution (waste management); (3)   A tree planting exercise (3TP); (4)   The exercise will include a hand-washing element (soap dispenser donated); (5)    The composting project will be demonstrated (composter donated); (6)   Handing over of gardening tools for vegetable garden; (7)    Green snacks for the students (fruits); (8)   Students will be engaged with a view to starting an environmental club and (9)   The use of solar panels etc (green designs).

NDIA expends over $581million to improve East Coast drainage

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The Ministry of Agriculture, through the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU),hasheightened its flood prevention efforts in preparation for the upcoming May/June rainy season.

These efforts are being achieved through the construction and instillation of several drainage and irrigation structures in low-lying areas along Guyana’s coast. These areas are known to be prone to flooding but were neglected over the years.

Pump Stations are being strategically constructed on the East Coast of Demerara at Lusignan, Friendship/ Vigilance, Buxton, Enmore and a sluice at Triumph is being reconstructed.

The ASDU is responsible for facilitating the construction of the three pump stations located at Lusignan, Friendship/Vigilance and Enmore. This project is being funded by the World Bank at a cost of GY $1,407,345,410.It also includes the rehabilitation of 4 kilometres of the dam from the Hope intake structure to the Enmore intake structure.

The drainage capacity of the pumps at Lusignan and Enmore is 3 m/s³ while the Friendship/Vigilancepump will have a drainage capacity of 2 m/s³. These pump stations are expected to be commissioned in April, 2018.

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder, in an invited comment indicated that government is in the process of improving the country’s overall drainage capacity, especially in communities that have been without proper drainage and irrigation for decades.

During the site visit, Minister Holder urged the engineers to keep in mind the approaching rainy season and to ensure that works are on schedule.

The NDIA has also expended GY $581,644,662 for the construction and rehabilitation of drainage and irrigation structures at Buxton and Triumph, ECD.

CEO of NDIA, Fredrick Flatts indicated that the old sluice at Triumph had shown signs of structural failure and that it was underutilized due to those defects.


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Authorised Tohatsu Outboard Motor distributor in Guyana, General Marine Company yesterday handed over a cheque to the management committee of the Bartica Development Business Association to sponsor an event of the40HP Power Boats Race Category of the for-Bartica Regatta 2018.

Now in their 29th year of business, General Marine who has been distributing Japan’s oldest manufacturing “Feel the Wind” outboard brand since 2006, seized the opportunity to be a part of the Regatta which under new management and fresh township status promises to be its biggest yet.

Holbert Knights,Team Manager, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have a grassroots local firm on board as a sponsor. Although the event is in Bartica, it’s great to have support from the capital city. I am really excited about developing our relationship with General Marine and their Tohatsu brand. Their financial commitment greatly helps the ongoing development of Bartica as the Regatta is one of our town’s biggest events”

Altaz Khan, Senior Vice President, General Marine Company said: “This was a tremendous opportunity for us to further boost our commitment to developing all of Guyana. Bartica Development Business Association shares our values in relation to creating opportunities, healthy competition, and support for the people of Guyana so this was a natural fit for both parties. We look forward to playing a very active part in the oldest regatta in Guyanese History.”

Sponsorship of the 2018 Regatta sets the stage for General Marine’s 30th birthday celebration next year whenthey plan to give back to their loyal customers who have supported them over the years.

The Bartica Regatta Activities begin from March 17 to April 2, 2018.

Soesdyke Health Centre launches three Adolescent clinics

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Pregnant and adolescent mothers can now access enhanced health care at the Soeskdye Health centre through the establishment of the adolescent and antennal clinic day. This is as a result of the Regional Health Department Region Four, taking a multi-sectorial approach, thus collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health Adolescent Unit and the Ministry of Education.

The adolescent clinic will see pregnant women now being able to access similar health care and services, that previously required them going to Grove Heath centre. Additionally, two additional initiatives were launched, with the establishment of the Adolescent and Wellness Clinic, which provides an opportunity for adolescents including boys and in and out of school children to access this and the Community Parenting and Support Group, which provides an opportunity for persons accessing this clinic to walk along with someone who can lend moral and other support to them.

Giving an insight into the initiatives, Dr Fazeeda Singh at Soesdyke Health Centre disclosed that the clinic is fully equipped and ready to offer assistance to persons accessing them. She urged the young mothers to maximise the benefits and opportunities being made available. Dr Singh reiterated that the clinics are open to anyone irrespective of their location.


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Three customers won themselves a quantity of cash totalling $1M in the Scotiabank Holiday Happiness campaign which ended in January. The grand prize winner was Ernest DeFreitas who took home $500,000 while the second prize winner of $300,000 was Beverley Grant.

Scotiabank Officer Adrian Fraser [left] and Manager Dawayne Barton [right] happily present the winners Ernest DeFreitas [second left] and Kenley Newton with their cheques.

Kenley Newton won the third prize of $200,000. The Holiday Happiness campaign required customers to obtain a Scotia Plan Loan between October 1, 2017 and January 15, 2017 to be entered automatically into a sweepstakes draw for the three prizes.

Creating opportunities in the face of adversaries

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Afzal Deendial is a former GUYSUCO estate worker. He worked 21 years at the Enmore Estate and when that estate closed recently instead of giving up or allowing himself to become frustrated, Deendial decided that he was going to find ways in maintaining his economic viability. As such, he ventured into establishing a barber shop and a small cash crop farm. The barber shop, ‘Classy Touch Barber Shop’ and the cash crop farm are both located at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, where Deendial lives with his family. “I was disappointed when the estate closed as I had 21 long years working there. However, I refuse to give up as I have a family to care and feed and I can’t allow that situation to get me weak,” he said.

Deendial hearing about the Self Reliance Business Workshops for women approached RDC Region Four with a simple and clear request and that is to be a part of the workshop so that he can benefit from some business related training. He said that all he wanted was the little know how on how to get started officially and tips on running the business.

His request was granted and Deendial has expressed gratitude and thanks to the first lady, Mrs Sandra Granger on the initiative and the Regional Chairman, Ms. Genevieve Allen on making the opportunity possible as he declared, “I will use this training to further grow my barber shop and cash crop farm as hopefully it may even create employment for others.”

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