Fostering cohesion through friendly competition

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Following a sensitisation workshop in the villages of Craig and Good Success, East Bank of Demerara, a community youth group hosted a friendly competition of dominoes between the two communities in an effort to continue fostering good relations between residents.

Joseph Thorne, a member of the Craig/Good Success Community Youth Group said following the successful workshop they were tasked with creating a project to further boost cohesion between the villages.

“We choose dominoes, because it is one of the simplest ways for us to get together, to bond,” Thorne explained. “I think through the game of dominoes, friendships can actually grow.” 

The sensitisation session hosted by the Ministry of Social Cohesion (MOSC) earlier in May, engaged participants from across the two villages, allowing them to explore the attitudes, beliefs and the ways in which they perceive themselves and others. The objective of the exercise was to assist the participants to have a better understanding and appreciation of diversity beyond race and ethnicity and to learn about the changes and challenges that associated with Guyana’s diverse population.

“During the course of the workshop, many things were brought home to me that I had not observed before – engaging with people of all ages groups and ethnicities was an eye-opener,” Thorne said.

Olive Gopaul, East Bank Officer attached to the MOSC urged the group to use the friendly game as a model to illustrate positivity among diverse peoples working together to achieve a common goal.

“You are social cohesion ambassadors, I urge you to promote peaceful coexistence among the members of your community,” Gopaul said.

East Bank Officer attached to the Department of Social Cohesion, Ministry of the Presidency, Olive Gopaul

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