GECOM’s Voter Education campaign to commence next week

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With 37 days to Local Government Elections, Public Relations Officer
of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Yolanda Warde says the
elections management agency will launch its Voter education programme
within the new week. Emphasis will be on the electors since the
nomination process in now over.

“Prior to nomination, we focused on contestants and the preparation of
their list of candidates… We have since started our programme as it
relates to the voter education aspect … Our audio visual element will
commence next week focusing primarily on  the voter education aspects;
rights and responsibilities, eligibility , the voting process and  all
that’s required for the elector to be aware of as  it relates to
participating in the local government elections process,” Warde

In addition, the PRO says GECOM has identified a company to commence
work on its social media education awareness. She clarified that the
voter education campaign is being managed by GECOM itself and not an
advertising agency.

“For each individual production which ever company emerged as the
successful bidder that’s the company that was selected so there is no
one individual company. As it relates to placement of advertisements,
that is being done by GECOM so it’s not an advertising company that is
managing that process for us. So, we have already commenced that
process in terms of the placement as it relates to the television
process and so,” Warde said.

Meanwhile, there have been requests for withdrawal from the Local
Government Elections (LGE) process by candidates in four
constituencies, while an entire list has been withdrawn from
constituency two in Wakenaam, Region Three.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) hosted a media conference on
Friday to address a number of matters of interest to the public.

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