Communication sector – 4G Service Hits Guyana’s Shores

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Within the past 20 years, technology has played a major role in keeping Guyana connected to the global happenings of the world, as well as contributed significantly to its advancement to the 21st century.
In demonstration of the aforementioned, Guyana’s two leading communication giants, Digicel and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) Company, have brought the long awaited 4G service into play.
This service has improved Guyana’s internet capabilities ten times over.
Prior to this, it was a third generation- 3G service that Guyanese depended on for many years and this led to an outcry by those who had experienced better.
But on May 8 and 9, 2016, Digicel and the renamed GTT+ unveiled their versions of the 4G service respectively. This promised much faster mobile internet speeds as well as a guarantee that there would be an increase in the data cap of both service providers; adding to which there was an expectant possibility of other improved services such as rates for talk time and texts.
With Digicel, to complement their all new superfast 4G network, they had introduced a system called the 4G smart bundles consisting of bigger data bundles as well as free talk and texts to all local numbers.
Their promise maintained that customers throughout Guyana would be able to enjoy a completely upgraded mobile experience with reliable high speed internet.
In the case of GTT+, they promised a service that would be thirty times faster as well as three times the amount of data for the same low price. The equation; More Data + Same Prices = Best Value was alluded to, thereby making it easier for customers to choose.
The Chief Commercial Officer of GTT+, Gert Post, posited that it was an excellent time to switch to GTT+ and do MORE with your money, but that decision is all left up to the customers.

What does this now mean for the Guyanese population?
Well, this simply means that citizens can now enjoy faster internet on the go, whether it be for social media, education, work, keeping in contact with loved ones and even gaming.
They can enjoy a better and more reliable means of communication, thus making the world an even smaller place, one megabyte at a time. The plane of connectivity has been redefined with the new 4G networks which means, that for Guyana, the best is yet to come.

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