Corporate Guyana plunges headlong for 50th Independence Celebrations

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You can only celebrate your 50th birth anniversary once, and Guyana is intending to make the most of it come May 26. In fact, Corporate Guyana has been jumping headlong into activities, whether it is dressing up its businesses, donating cash, or indulging in the sponsoring of signature events.

For example, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), is pulling the stops out in helping to organize what is bound to be one of the high points in the days of celebrations- the Independence Night Concert.

Dancehall sensation, Sean Kingston, is coming and will lead the lineup of entertainers in what will surely be a night for patrons. The other artistes include Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann and Asylum Vikings Band, Vershon, Ravi B, with Guyanese artistes Natural Black and Jackie Jaxx.

GTT is not wasting the opportunity in ensuring its customers benefit, as it is offering a sweet package. For $2000, customers can receive a concert ticket and a complimentary one month data plan (1GB) or Top Up of $2,000 valid for seven days. The $2,000 investment can also see new customers receiving a concert ticket and a complimentary SIM card with one month data plan (1GB) or Top Up of $1,500 valid for seven days.

Additionally, if customers buy a Smart phone valued less than $10,000 they will get one ticket; and a Smart phone valued more than $10,000, they get two tickets.

Digicel Guyana has also come on board in a big way. It has donated $2M to the celebrations, and will, of course, be sporting its own costumed group for the road march. The mobile giant, which has a growing presence in the Caribbean, has been fielding its own group for a number of years now during the Mashramani celebrations.

Air Services Limited, which has one of the largest fleets of aircrafts in the country, operating critical flights to the hinterlands, has also joined the corporate celebrations. The company, celebrating its own jubilee, has decided to lead the way, rebranding one of its Bell Long Ranger Helicopters in the vibrant national colors, with the 50th logo featured prominently.

The chopper is available to be booked for tours around the city, to Guyana’s major resorts and landmarks, such as the majestic Kaieteur Falls, for as little as US$130 per person.

Right at Ogle International Airport, another company, Roraima Airways, has also joined the fun. The company has painted its Britten-Norman Trislander aircraft with the anniversary logo.

Three Caribbean Airlines aircraft, as far back as January, were also branded with the 50th independence anniversary logo as a result of a partnership between the Government of Guyana and the airline.

At Plantation Pattenson, Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, the Giftland Mall, since being opened a few months ago, has led the way in changing the country’s expectations when it comes to shopping and entertainment. From international stars to the latest movies, to a day of relaxation just eating or browsing, that “outta-town” experience will not be easily replicated anytime soon.

That mall has not been sparing any details when it comes to dressing up for the occasion. From Halloween to now the jubilee celebrations, Giftland has been raising the flags and bringing out the props.

The draped walls and mirrored ceilings have been leaving visitors in total awe. Earlier this month, a number of companies have also come on board for the celebrations, plugging cash.

These included the Correia Group of Companies, 704 Sports Bar, and Rusal Bauxite. Collecting the cheques on behalf of the Government was Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes. The bauxite company donated$2M; the 704 Sports Bar, $1M, and Correia Group of Companies, $2M.

Correia Group of Companies is specifically for the ‘Legends Night’ on May 21, “where we’ll be bringing back to Guyana a range of musical legends that includes Dave Martins, the Tradewinds, Keith Waithe and many other musicians.”

Jamaica airlines was the first company to support the Jubilee celebrations, and committed to making the Legends Night possible by flying-the artistes who will be performing.

Other sponsors that have committed support to the jubilee celebrations include DIH and Singers Guyana Incorporated.

Not to be left out of the activities is the Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil) which is offering 50 gold coins for the celebrations.

Under the ‘Fuel up for Gold 50/50’ promotion, customers spending $3000 dollars and more in fuel, become eligible to win commemorative coins or one of 250 consolation prizes that include caps, bottles, polo-shirts, and umbrellas among others.

This year, significantly, GuyOil is celebrating 40 years of service to the Guyanese public, having been formed in 1976.There is certainly a lot going on in the corporate world and who can blame them for making much-a-do about this golden time in Guyana’s history? Congratulations and kudos are certainly in order!

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