Jyoti Hardat takes over Miss Guyana Universe Franchise

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It is said that a woman who evolves to a stronger sense of self and purpose becomes unbreakable and formidable in any field. This can be said of 26-year-old Guyanese-born pageant enthusiast, Jyoti Hardat.

This elegant yet alluring entrepreneur has been competing in pageants locally and internationally with much success for several years. She has even trained numerous women for all the rigors and unexpected challenges that can be expected in the world of pageantry.

After spending years as a participant and a trainer in this arena, Hardat has found a new purpose. The Pageant guru is now on a mission to change the way pageantry is being held in Guyana by setting the bar to an all time high. She recently became the new franchise holder of the Miss Guyana Universe Franchise, and with internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Derek Moore by her side; this “Bonnie and Clyde” team is on a journey to revolutionize the local pageant arena for the better.

In an interview with Guyana Inc., Hardat makes it clear that she has a strong passion for the sport and a determination to see the fair treatment of women globally.

She said that due to her background in the fight against domestic violence, she started competing in pageantry to use it as a platform to raise more awareness and to further develop herself in areas she never knew could be developed.

The Director asserted that she is very passionate about working with young women to help develop them into well-rounded individuals. Hardat believes that this is going to be a life changing experience as this is greatly needed in the world of pageantry in Guyana.

She expressed, “Having competed in the MISS UNIVERSE GUYANA® pageant a few years ago, and witnessing firsthand the way pageantry is managed in Guyana, I wanted to create a standard and an environment of fairness and empowerment to the confidently beautiful women, who can use this pageant as a stepping stone to achieve their dreams.”

The Miss Universe Guyana Director added, “After years of hard work and the support of those who believed that I can make a difference, I was given the opportunity to partner with the MISS UNIVERSE® Organization and thereby, accepted the position of National Director of the MISS UNIVERSE GUYANA® pageant.”

The Pageant enthusiast said that she and her partner, Derek Moore, will definitely change the way pageants are held in Guyana. She noted that the MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant is often overlooked in many areas. She is of the view that many people see MISS UNIVERSE® as just a ‘glitz and glam’ experience.

Hardat expressed, “As much as looking your best is important, conduct, discipline, grit and presence are important. Over the years, I’ve seen our country send very impressive girls to the international competition, but in most cases, they lack confidence, presence and professional training.”

The entrepreneur continued, “MISS UNIVERSE® demands personality and energy. An assessment of all of these push factors influenced my partner, Derek Moore and I, to prepare our local winner in an exclusive manner with a great support system so that her confidence never falters. We live in a world where girls are preparing for the world of pageantry from a very young age and so they live and breathe pageantry as opposed to our country choosing a representative a few days before. This year we are trying to tackle all of these shortcomings to send up the most consistent girl.”

The Miss Universe Guyana Director also expressed that the search has already begun for the new queen. She said that they are seeking young women with a sense of character; women who embody uniqueness and confidence. She said that delegates must have a sense of purpose, remembering that she is a role model, not only for the pageant, but for her country and the people she represents.

Hardat said that delegates must be single, 18 years of age but no older than 27 on January 1st, 2016. She said that they must not been married and have never given birth. The pageant will be in August of this year but a date is yet to be released. As per usual, the fundamental categories the delegates will have to part take in will include the personal interview with the panel of judges, fitness in swimwear, elegance in evening gown and of course, the final question.

As it relates to the dreaded final question round, Hardat opines that this segment is usually based on trending topics, opinions and the contestant’s ability to think logically and promptly. She said that being informed is the key role in tackling the final question.

“Contrary to popular opinion, it is not as difficult and I believe it’s completely overrated. We intend on having the contestants build on their habits to speak and express themselves without fear, but with sophistication and confidence. A popular saying goes ‘it’s not what you say but the manner in which you say it’ and I couldn’t agree with that more,” expressed the franchise holder.

Hardat added, “My team and I intend to work with the contestants on the manner in which they speak, including tone and dialect while keeping them in touch with their inner abilities and working towards bringing out their thoughts in the best way possible.”

She said that once that is tackled, the final question shouldn’t be an issue. Hardat said that there will also be many opportunities during the pageant week where the public will be able to interact with the selected delegates at the events which include a charity gala/sashing ceremony.

The Pageant director noted that while public speaking is a fear many face, interaction with the public during these events, will help the delegates to overcome any apprehension as they head into the final coronation night.


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