Made in Guyana… KSM: Changing the face of construction in Guyana one stone at a time

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While aiming to provide the best quality of blocks and other construction materials, KSM Investments Inc. continues to make its contribution to the people and the economy of Guyana.
In an era where importation seems to be the going thing, it is apt for Guyanese to rally around local manufacturing companies, such as KSM, in support and encouragement for what can provide a better life for all.
Mahadeo Panchu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KSM.
This local manufacturer is determined to be the one to bring greater quality of construction materials to the people of Guyana at a reduced price.
He said that he has seen millions of dollars spent on the construction of roads which deteriorate “overnight.” Then, the government of the day usually has to budget and spend more money for repairs.
“It happened then and it is happening now. However, with the arrival of the most modern concrete product plant in Guyana and in the Caribbean, a new dynamic has been created with the concrete promise of physically changing the landscape of our beautiful country and providing value for money above what has been given before in Guyana.”
Panchu said that Guyana now stands to spend less and get more value for any construction job once his products are utilized.
He boasted that each product is produced at an extremely high quality. Panchu said that all materials used in the manufacturing process are weighed electronically right down to the last kilogram.
“So whether we do a small mix of one metric ton or a large mix of five metric tons, all the materials are weighed precisely in keeping with KSM’s secret mix ratio. And all the materials are mixed together allowing for uniformity in quality in each block or paver produced.”
Panchu and his wife Khainwattie were recently praised for their “entrepreneurial spirit” and investment in the economy by Minister of Business, Honourable Dominic Gaskin. This occurred during a tour of the state-of-the-art concrete products plant at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.
Although its commercial operations in block-making only started in April last, KSM already boasts of many satisfied customers, not only for hollow blocks, but also for the wonderful range of interlocking and non-interlocking stone pavers. Among their satisfied customers is His Excellency, President David Granger. KSM manufactured and supplied thousands of triple hexagon pavers which were used to construct a parking lot at the State House. KSM claims that the President was impressed with the quality of the product as well as the way it was packaged and delivered.
There are at least 16 styles of everlast stone pavers for customers to choose from with varying sizes. There are also 35 colours to choose from.
KSM offers coloured hollow blocks and normal blocks (without colour). Normal blocks are available in sizes 4, 6 and 8, while coloured blocks are available in sizes 4 and 6.


(Article taken from  the Guyana Inc. Magazine Issue 27)

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