New music emerges for Guyana’s 50th Independence

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The grandiose celebrations for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary will be fittingly accompanied by a repertoire of new, nationalistic music of various genres. The scintillating releases are guaranteed to make anyone fall in love with this South American paradise.  Piloting the latest music for the Golden Jubilee will be talented local artistes such as Poonam Singh, Jackie Jaxx, Timeka Marshall, Dublin, Remar and Ssignal Productions owned by Charmaine Blackman and her husband, Bonny Alves . Here’s a brief introduction to some of the shakers of Guyana’s vibrant music industry.


Poonam Singh: When one thinks of outstanding Guyanese women, the stunning and multi-talented Beauty Queen, Ms. Poonam Singh, is certainly one who comes to mind. Singh recently copped the title of Miss Global International Guyana (MGIG) and has so far managed to build a huge fan-base. This enthralling performer holds a Diploma in Communication Studies and is currently a Law Student at the University of London, through the Georgetown-based Nations School of Law. She was born on February 19, 1995 in Georgetown, Guyana and was raised in Canal Number One, which is located on the Western Bank of the Demerara River. She draws her strength from the support of her family members who would often take the time off to give her that extra nudge; that extra word of encouragement.

But being stunning on the inside and out isn’t all she is known for. Some may remember her from her extraordinary performance at the GT&T Jingles competition a few years ago, while others may know her from the time she achieved much fame on the internet with her original song entitled, “G.U.Y.A.N.A” which was viewed over 150,000 times and even shared by President, David Granger. This jingoistic piece was released in honour of Singh’s love for her homeland.


Jackie Jaxx: With a fan base reaching thousands on her social media outfits, Jackie Hanover, or “Jackie Jaxx”, as she is popularly known, has proven over the years that she is not only a courageous entertainer but a go-getter in the local arena. This versatile singer/songwriter debuted as a contestant in the 2010 Soca Monarch competition. The following year, she competed in the GTT Jingle and Song competition and later travelled the country—becoming known in every household. Hanover has since produced several chart topping singles and definitely knows how to churn out steamy hits.

She has performed alongside numerous regional and international artistes like American R&B singer, Omarion and the Princes of Jamaica’s Dancehall arena: Konshens, Mavado and Busy Signal among others. For Guyana’s 50th Golden Jubilee, Jaxx has released a powerful piece called “Guyana” which can be bought on Itunes.


Timeka Marshall: This gorgeous young woman is one of Guyana’s most gutsy entertainers and accomplished singers. But behind the glitz and glamour, Marshall is someone who is genuinely herself. It is due to this very quality in her most seductive songs that her fans are able to connect with her music on a very intimate level. Since winning the first ever GT&T Cellink Plus jingle and song competition back in 2006, her recognition locally and regionally has grown by leaps and bounds.

With some tantalizing records already under her belt, this belle has proven that she is firmly in control of her career.

As the 26 year-old prepares for new ground breaking projects in the future, she revealed that she recently released a new track for Guyana’s 50th celebration entitled “COME GO DOWN DEH”. Marshall said that she wrote it a while back. The seductive entertainer  said that with the help of her producer Darell Pugsley of DP Records, they decided that this would be the perfect time to release since it is basically a welcome to Guyana song, as the chorus encourages you to come on down to the beautiful country.


Robert “Dublin” Hiscock: This smooth-talking cassanova/rapper was born in England in 1989 but has been living in Guyana for most of his life. He first started to write and sing in 2008 during his pursuit of a Degree in Business and Caribbean Studies abroad. It wasn’t long before he returned to Guyana to establish his singing career. His adoration for the Dancehall “vibes” was apparent and most of his music in the initial stages reflected that flare. But overtime, his musical style and taste evolved. With his new song, “GT Woman” which was launched for the 50th Independence celebrations, Dublin hopes to share his experience of falling in love with Guyana and even its damsels. It was a concept that was developed a few years ago. His music can be found at this link:


Remar: As he embarks on a mission to share his life stories with the world, Dominic Remur Weekes, better known by his stage name, “Remar” is one of Guyana’s most talented musicians. He candidly revealed that he was exposed to Hip-Hop music via the television, and fell in love with the genre instantly. He recalled that when he was 12 years old, American rapper, Kanye West had released his “College Dropout” album. It was so inspiring that it became the deal-sealer for Weekes who decided that he wanted to be a rapper. The entertainer said that the way Kanye used the music to express his truths made him realize that this is what he wanted to do. His latest piece is called, “Where I’m from”, which is a raw, rap-patriotic piece about Guyana and all its splendor and flaws.


Charmain Blackman-Alves and Bonny Alves: This power couple has been in Guyana’s music industry for more than 20 years, and to celebrate their love for their native soil, they launched an album called, “Songs of Guyana’s Children.” The unique vibe of the album has already taken social media by storm.  All of the songs have been arranged and produced by the musical veterans, and were recorded at Ssignal Studios which falls under the brand Ssignal Productions. It is owned and managed by Blackman-Alves and her husband.

There are 11 songs on the disc, comprising of both original and national songs. The songs include;  “Let us Co-operate for Guyana”, written by W.R. A Pilgrim; “My Native Land”, sung by M.A Cossou, Dawn Edwards, Bonny Alves, Charmaine Blackman, Campton Magus Leacock, Amanda Peters and Devon Denny; “Way down Demerara”, written by W.M Lawrence, Patrick Eze Rockcliffe; “50 years Together”, written and performed by Bonny Alves; the CD’s title song, “Song of Guyana’s Children”, was performed by W.Hawley-Bryant and Michelle Gobin; the song “work”, was written by Bonny Alves and Noel Harlequin EGO and performed by Bonny Alves, Charmaine Blackman, Dawn Edwards, Campton Magus Leacock, Faith Corrica, Devon Denny and Abigail James.



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