Pandama Winery and Retreat- A Mesmerizing Paradise For The Mind, Body And Soul

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There are only a few places on planet earth that can offer the peace and serenity that we often seek. It’s even harder to find a place where one can seek
spiritual alignment, connect with nature and the positive natural energy that flows deep within. Pandama Retreat, along the Linden/ Soesdyke Highway of Guyana, is one such paradise that nourishes the mind, body and soul. Its scenery, comprising of the most beautiful flora that Guyana has to offer, is enough to mesmerize the senses. At Pandama you will experience diverse cultures and nurture amazing new friendships, while enjoying a very unique experience. The Retreat caters for any occasion; be it wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies or family outings. Just a few minutes from the Soesdyke Main Road, the Retreat proves to be easily accessible. Bird watching is also one of the activities that is offered at the Retreat. In fact, Pandama is home to over 128 species of birds. Birders and wildlife photographers have recently been frequenting the retreat to be the first to discover each new species. Birding packages are also available there. The Retreat also offers fishing and swimming activities, gift shopping, reiki classes, and for the moment you have been waiting for – camping! This one of a kind paradise offers a fully functional campground for picnics and reunions. Their bunk station can very comfortably accommodate 20 adults in their cool, shaded camping area. While there, you can sample some of the tastiest wines this side of the hemisphere has to offer. In 2012, Pandama Wines received the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) President’s award for “Best New Product” in Guyana. Pandama products are available in Guyana at Bounty Supermarkets, the Guyana Shop and DSL Cash and Carry among other leading supermarkets and stores countrywide. “I remember sitting in our back yard in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife, Tracy, when a very interesting conversation ensued. Tracy intimated that she wanted to start making soap again – Tracy had manufactured her own soap for several years. I remember indicating to her that I always wanted to make my own wine, and I was going to start researching the process. I read everything that I could get my hands on about wine making and decided to invest in the equipment.” Those were the words of the owner of Pandama Winery and Retreat, Mr. Warren Douglas. Warren is a native of Guyana and veteran of the United States Navy. He was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia aboard the U.S Navy’s amphibious assault aircraft carrier USS Guadalcanal. Warren was a member of the crew that
was involved in military conflicts in Grenada and Libya. This crew was also involved in numerous peacekeeping missions in the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. He received his Bachelor’s degree aboard ship through PACE (Program for Afloat College Education) while stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Warren resided in Virginia for 21 years. Tracy and Warren lived in Charlotte, North Carolina until 2009, then moved to Guyana to co-create Pandama Retreat, Winery & Centre for the Creative Arts. They have two children, Chaz and Tielle and one grandson, Lennox. Warren continued that his first batch of wine was made from North Carolina peaches, and it was a homerun after he introduced it to his friends and family all
across the United States. “I continued to make wine and we gave bottles as gifts at parties and gatherings. When Tracy and I decided to move to
Guyana to live, I knew that wine making would be a major part of the Pandama Retreat experience. With the proliferation of exotic fruits in Guyana, it didn’t take much time for Pandama Wines to come into being. We currently offer several fruit wines which include Pineapple, Jamoon, Aunty Desmond, Noni, Cherry, Malacca Pear, Duka, Carambola and Sorrel. We will continue to develop new flavours periodically,” Mr. Douglas said. Pandama Wines also offers Pulse, a libido enhancement tonic wine which is made from barks native to Guyana and the Amazon Basin. It is a real treat and has gotten rave reviews from ladies and gentlemen alike. Mr. Douglas said that Pandama has received great reviews over the past couple of years since it began its operation in 2009 and they intend to make their products available in as many places as possible. While admitting that there is a real need for quality local wines in Guyana, their products have made it to many tables in the United States and the United Kingdom during the holiday seasons. “We intend to keep things moving. Our focus is not mass production, but rather providing a quality product that is satisfying to all of our customers,” he added.

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