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Taking Private Security to another level… When people think of security firms in Guyana, the first name that comes to mind is R.K’s Guyana Security Services. However, despite its household name, ..

3 years ago

How one man helped resuscitate the Pawnshop Business It is an ambitious plan, but for Paul Ulric Giddings, nothing is impossible. The businessman is planning to lead the way in transforming Charlestown, ..

3 years ago

Resilient entrepreneur triumps despite the odds Guyana has been aggressively pushing its tourism, targeting its virtually unspoiled natural eco beauty. The development of the necessary infrastructure picked ..

3 years ago

The Next Generation: Guyana prepares for a new wave of leaders in the Forestry Sector The growing demand for raw materials, in especially Asia, has opened the markets even more for developing nations ..

3 years ago
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