Issue 17

by Ruel Johnson They seized the opportunity of Emancipation to establish the foundations of a civilised life – the quest for education, employment, equality and the pursuit of happiness.” – David ..

7 years ago
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As Guyana celebrates the 177th year of Emancipation, it is a befitting time to reflect on the Afro-Guyanese Presidents of the country, who have all contributed in their own way to the country’s development. ..

7 years ago
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[TABOOS / SIGNS / SUPERSTITIONS / CUSTOMS]: Excerpts from Al Creighton On each anniversary of Emancipation, the African presence in the Caribbean is celebrated; whatever can be exhibited of the cultural ..

7 years ago
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By  Barrington Braithwaite Slavery has existed as long as there exists records of human history. But the slavery that birthed the New World and the advent of Europe as a world power is foremost in our imagination. ..

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– From Apprentice to a leading  Contractor, …no fabrication is impossible When one hears the name Courtney Benn one thinks about ship building, road construction and sophisticated building construction. ..

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