Nalia Rahaman is 2018 NGSA top performer

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Sheer excitement would probably be an understatement if one were to describe the demeanor of the 2018 National Grade Six Assessment [NGSA] top performer, Nalia Rahaman. The pupil of Westfield Prep secured a perfect score of 529 marks, the highest possible attainable score at the examination.

She is arguably the first pupil to achieve such an outstanding feat.

Minister of Education, Ms. Nicolette Henry, congratulates the NGSA 2018 top performer.

Following Rahaman’s achievement is Arthur Roberts of the New Guyana School with 525 marks. One mark behind [524 marks] was Kaydee Ali of the Success Elementary School and four others attained 523 marks. They are:Esha Laekram of the New Diamond/Grove Primary; Cianna Barkoye of the North Georgetown Primary’ Zyia Lakeram of Success Elementary and Krystal Duncan of New Guyana School.

Another four pupils each secured marks of 522. They are Darren Ramphal of Leonora Primary; Natania Kissoon of Success Elementary; Cassie Farinha of Peter’s Hall Primary and Saif Azeze of Academy of Academy of Excellence.

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