Guyana secures 2nd CMRC title -Trinidad finishes a ‘bumper close’ second

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Images Right (Top to Bottom): Elliot Vieira and Kristian Jeffrey receiving their awards

Images Right (Top to Bottom): Elliot Vieira and Kristian Jeffrey receiving their awards

Guyana tasted Championship Glory again on November 16th when they were announced winners of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship’s (CMRC) country title for a second year running.
Coming home to the final leg, the Guyanese sat third in the Championship behind Barbados and Trinidad respectively and Trinidad had seemed to sense an opening, preparing a 9 member team in an attempt to win their first championship since returning to full competition last year.
A proverbial dog fight ensued between the Trini’s and the 592 boys for a title that was so close to each of them, and when the dust settled, a bumper of 8 points gave the locals their second trophy in as many years.
Guyana (936 points) and the ‘Tigers’ team of Trinidad (924) pulled away from the rest of the pack in Barbados (660) and Jamaica 269 while the lone contender for the Cayman Islands Gary Barrett racked up 158 points and Suriname’s Oliver TjinLeipShie 25 points.
CMRA Chairman Ray Rahaman, who declared the winner, noted, “In four legs, both teams (Guyana and Trinidad) were able to amass over 900 points. That is an amazing feat.”
“Added to that, to have eight points separate the two top teams just goes to show that the CMRA competition is not always a run away and we expect more competition in the future,” continued the CMRA Chairman.
Paramount to Guyana’s win was Kristian Jeffrey who successfully retained his Group Four championship for a second time.
He picked up 225 points from an almost perfect season leaving his nearest competitor and only competition Trinidadian Kristian Boodoosingh second on 152 points and Trinidad’s Gerard Carrington 58 points.
At the Group two level, Barbadian Mark Thompson was forced to concede his title and settle for second after Trinidad’s Marc Gill amassed 189 points from the four legs of competition.
Guyana’s Shairaz Roshandin ended 3rd with 84 points.
The Trini’s also picked up the group 3 title after Paul Vieira carted off 169 points from three legs while Cayman Islands Barrett, who was awarded the most consistent and competitive driver of the CMRC 2015 picked up second (138 points.)
Barbadian Kurt Thompson ended 3rd with 104 points while Guyana’s Danny Persaud ended 4th with 82 points.
In the Superstock department, Elliot Vieira produced the ride of a lifetime to be crowned the youngest CMRA Bike champion after his cousin Stephen had suffered some amount of injuries a few weeks before races.
He ended with 161 points, clear of Stephen’s 143 and Matthew Vieira’s 100 points.

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