Key Tips Every Home and Business Owner Should Consider to Prevent Property Crime

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Home security is an important topic to address because burglaries happen on a regular basis due to neglect from homeowners and renters. To prevent breakins, people have to become familiar with ways to protect their homes. In this guide, we will extensively cover different tips on preventing property crime.

• Your doors and windows are the easiest entrance points for a burglar, so make these as secure as possible. Fit strong locks – ideally deadlocks on doors – and a security chain to make entry more difficult. These should be closed and locked every time you leave the house, even if you’re just
stepping out.
• Sliding glass doors can be secured with a metal bar or wooden dowel placed in the door track, and all ground floor and basement windows
should be closed and locked.
If you are replacing old windows, think about UPVC, which are more difficult to smash.
• For valuables kept inside the home, it’s a good idea to use a security pen to mark them with your postcode. This makes it easier to return stolen items back to you if recovered. You might also want to think about writing an inventory of your belongings and putting important documents and
valuables in a safe place.
• Lighting up your home, especially when nobody is home, is a good idea as it’s an easy and very cost-effective measure to help prevent burglary. You can even set timer switches which give the impression that a home is occupied even when it’s not.
• Take extra care when going away. For example, don’t leave a note by the table telling your water-guy you’re going on holiday – it’s not just him you’ll be telling. And ensure your letterbox is not overfilled, as this is another giveaway that no one’s home.
• A final way to improve the security inside your home is by investing in a monitored alarm system. This is an effective deterrent as it shows burglars that your property is always being watched and there’s always someone on hand immediately
should your alarm go off.
3 Security Measures Every Business Owner Should Consider
1. Strong Digital Security Procedures Some parts of your business may not be able to be secured in a  digital security procedures will keep your data, and that of your customers, safe. For example, it’s important that your employees use strong passwords. Passwords made of eight or more alphanumeric characters that do not contain any words are likely the most secure to use. Other procedures that fall into this category include
locking work stations when they’re not in use, encrypting data and storing sensitive data on a secured server.
2. Surveillance Knowing who is on and around your premises is key to deterring thieves. The best way to conduct this is through the use of a surveillance system. Implementing a surveillance system is a smart move because of how cost-efficient and compact  some systems can be. Imagine that it extends the functionality of a log book to cover everyone with a record of their face, their clothing and a plethora of other
qualities that can be used later for identification purposes and threat assessments.
3. Protect yourself and your staff Make sure necessary security training is available and that everyone knows what to do in the event of a serious threat. Better to give up goods or cash than get hurt trying to defend it. Also train your people to recognize suspicious behavior by those who enter your premises. Your people should also know how to report crime to you. Keep as little cash as possible on site and routinely empty tills. Take
any excess cash to your bank. Put up signs warning that certain parts of your premises are only accessible to staff members.

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