You are our eyes and ears, without you, there is no us – Commander Hicken

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Commander of ‘B’ Division, for just over two weeks, Assistant
Commissioner Clifton Hicken is seeking to build community
relationships. During a recent meeting, at Highbury East Bank Berbice,
the Commander told residents that under his watch, every member of the
force in ‘B’ Division will be a part of the community.

Commander Hicken reiterated his open-door policy and shared his office
and cellular numbers. He said the policy applies to every member of
the ‘B’ Division under his command. He noted that if the community has
trust in the Police Force, more problems can be solved. “You are our
eyes and ears … without you, there is no us” Commander Hicken told
the residents.

He revealed plans to boost the human resources at police stations in
the ‘B’ Division and build on the structure that was left by the
previous commander.

It was also highlighted that several community policing groups will be
created to act as first responders. The Commander stated, “If we form
community policing groups in every community and we have the police to
legitimise them, then no stranger can go there but it means we all
have to be on board.”

Commander Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken served as Head of
Police Operations from April 2017 – September 2018. He began leading
‘B’ Division from September 3, 2018.


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