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Indo-Guyanese are not only making remarkable and notable strides in the areas of music, business and agriculture, but they are also dominating in the sporting arena. The talented cricketer, Chris Muneshwar Patadin, is one shining example in this regard. Born on January 24, 1989 in Georgetown, Guyana, Patadin started his sporting career at the age of 18 when he played for the Guyana Under-19 team. He shared with the Guyana Inc. Magazine that it was while growing up that he realized
his passion for the sport. He said that his biggest goal in life was to work towards being good enough to join one of the most sought after teams – the Guyana Under-19. When he learnt that he made the team in early 2007, Patadin was elated and felt proud for being selected to represent his country on the international level. He likes to reminisce back to this day since it serves as a source of motivation.
Patadin is a left-handed batsman and also a left-arm fas medium bowler. He has played for the Suriname International Team in England and Indiana, Eastern American League in New York, and the Commonwealth Cricket League in New York. He was later named Most valuable player (MVP) for those teams in the years 2016 and 2017 during the Common League in New York. In fact, Patadin secured top scores with many centuries during that tournament. As it relates to his family life, Patadin shared that he spent his formative years with his parents, Roxanne and the late Naitram Patandin, in Industry. The talented sportsman noted that his biggest inspiration was his father, since he was his
main supporter, no matter what the circumstances were. When Patadin’s father passed, the charming young man said it was the most difficult time for him. The cricketer shared, “He always wanted me to meet my goals and even though he’s not here with me, I still think of him and I keep on going as strong as I can.” Previously, Patandin trained at Everest Cricket Club and Demerara Cricket Club. He also played for the Green Line Independence Cup in New York. While he represented Demerara at Inter-county games in New York, he also represented well at the New York All Star in the Rockaway
T20 tournament. He is currently playing for Majestic Cricket Club in New York for the Common Wealth Cricket League, which is one of the popular Cricket Leagues in North America.

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