Guyana Karate College hosts its End of Year Grading Examinations

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With well over 100 students from the various dojos of the Guyana Karate College yesterday being graded to move up a rank, the main dojo of the GKC located at the Transport Sports Club was abuzz with nervous excitement particularly amongst the younger students and their parents and grandparents alike.

This grading exam, the final one for 2018, which was a grand and exhilarating affair was undertaken by Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-a-Tai 9th Degree Black Belt and Chairman and Chief Instructor of the International Karate Daigaku (IKD), Shihan Maureen Woon-a-Tai 8th Degree Black Belt and Sihan Bernice Hughes 7th Degree Black Belt also of the IKD and Shihan Jeffrey Wong 7th Degree Black Belt Vice Chairman and Vice Chief Instructor of the Guyana Karate College. They were assisted by the local instructors of the Guyana Karate College Dr. Guy Low, Aubrey Bettancourt, and Lawrence Low along with Roger Peroune of Association do Shotokan Karate Guyana – YMCA.

Awards were given out to the GKC Karatekas that excelled at their Grade Six and CSEC examinations.

With the recent appointment of its new Board of Trustees, Administrative Board and a Shihan Kai or Masters Committee, the Guyana Karate College is gearing up to host the next Caribbean Karate Cup which is scheduled for August of next year and for the completion of its main dojo and headquarters which is currently under construction in Liliendaal and which is approximately 50% complete.

The following Karatakas were graded:

From 10th kyu (White Belt) to 9th kyu (White with Yellow Stripe Belt): Jonathan Singh, Zhuosen Yang, Chelsea Maria Lall, Julia Mohabir, Sariah Henry, Abdul Hopkinson, Liam Van Sluytman, Liam Da Silva, Dominic Loaknauth, Ethan Faerber, Liara Chanderpaul, Justino De Cunha, KiranDrubahadur, Steven Neblett.

Skipping from 10th kyu (White Belt to 8th kyu (Yellow Belt): Wei Long Huang, Malachi Sumner, Kevan Drubahadur, Jonathan Ramdass, Tyler Hargobin, Taylor Hargobin, Blake Hack, Jacob Mc Donald, Adam Kirsta Mana, Zi Yan Cao, Alex Johnson, Serena Meihai, Yu Sheng Yang, Kylan Mullis, Anjalaka Persaud, David Kalamadeen, Julie Yang, Shaquan Headly, Abdel Mitchell, Fadelah Mc Wilfred Hemendra Singh, Sean Bennett,  and Cristina Rahman.

From 8th kyu (Yellow Belt) to 7th kyu (Orange Belt): Britney Balkaran, Chad Campbell, Brandon Balkaran, Javi Christof Pierre, Roshel Barron, Nicasey Abrams, Jamiyla Morian Aden Robertson, .

From 7th kyu (Orange Belt) to 6th kyu (Green Belt): Sven Douglas, Antwan Chester, Nathan Jabar, A’olfe Baird, Godfrey Gibson, Amit Prasad, Leanna Rodney, Micah Saul, Johnathan Phang Jeremiah Aginam, Ezekiel  Jones, and Carlyn Grahame.

Skipping from 7th kyu (Orange Belt) to 5th kyu (Blue Belt): Zi Yan Zhang, Alonzo Christian Pierre and Rozario Chappell

From 6th kyu (Green Belt) to 5th kyu (Blue Belt): Omari John, Sanjana Rupchand, Layshtianna Hansraj, Ethan Muneshwar, Sarah Maraj, Jared Rahman, James Michael Griffith, Saffiya Singh, Alex Matthew Peniston, Julian Yang, Aiden Gomes, Nicholas Welcome, Kevin Seokumar, Farah Mc Wilfred, and Zamal Khan.

From 5th kyu (Blue Belt) to 4th kyu (Purple Belt): Ameer Shariff, Janiya Lee, Jaiya Harricharran, Darnell Klass, Jeremiah Williams, Zion Rambarran, Kadre Henry, Bibi Shabeena Farool, Jaden Clarke, Shiquana Corlette

From 4th kyu (Purple Belt) to 3rd kyu (Brown Belt): Jazara Hewitt, Zhuohong Yang, Justin Persaud, Devanand Smrits, Roy Khadoo, Navita Gunraj, Jonothan Yong, Aaliyah Shania Mc Adam, Murduoq Boyce, Chad Lall, Cyrus Alex Ramsaran, Anaaya Jain and Jayden Chichester.

From 3rd kyu (1st Brown Belt) to 2nd kyu (2nd Brown Belt): Lemuel Wilson, Jian Hong Zhang, Jared Hurry, Prosper Jacobus, Nick Nicholas Sookdeo, Yi Jun Huang, Navindra Singh and Malcolm Sparman.

Skipping from 3rd kyu (1st Brown Belt) to 1st kyu (3rd Brown) was Caleb Martin

From 2nd kyu (2nd Brown Belt) to 1st kyu (1st Brown Belt): Rehana Bascom

From 1st kyu (3rd Brown Belt) to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt): Anya Insanally, Lateef Alkeel Moffatt, Omar Shariff and Randolph Sherlock Scott.

From Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) to Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt): Paula Lois-Grant and William Wayne-Embry Grant

Third Degree Black Belt Karateka Aliya Wong receives her award from New President of the GKC Father Compton Meerabux

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