Kevin Persaud Guyana’s Young Champion Racer

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Kevin Persaud is one of Guyana’s young champion racers. He declares his father, Mr. Narendra Persaud known as Smiley, to be his biggest inspiration. He credited his father to being his sole source of motivation and the person who inspired him to start racing. Mr. Persaud is a mechanic and before
every race he would ensure to give Kevin little pep talks to motivate him, ensure his bike works 110% and, after each race, he always stands by his side whether he wins or not. Kevin’s racing career began in 2013. At only fourteen years of age, he finished ahead of all the other international competitors. He was the youngest motorcycle racer on the grid. In 2014, all of his races ended with him being
placed on the winners’ podium. He gained two first places in the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship Leg held in Guyana and finished second in Guyana’s ‘B’ Class Superbike Championship and collected the ‘Most Improved Rider’ trophy. He toured Jamaica and Barbados in 2015, representing Guyana, and gained all top-five finishes. He later moved on to the professional ‘A’ Class
for the final leg of the races held in Guyana where, once again, he was able to capture all top-five finishes. He notes that the year of 2016 was a less productive year due to a few setbacks. He toured Trinidad and was only able to gain top ten finishes, but later in the final leg, attained top-five finishes in Guyana.
In 2017, he dominated the first race meet and went on to claim the 2017 Guyana Superbike Championship. Unfortunately, this year (2018) he started off with a back injury due to a crash but
was still able to gain a few podium finishes. His only fears would be that of snakes, disappointing himself and others and failure. Kevin is the true replica of a champion.

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