Abiosi Creations: Taking Interior Designing to another level. BY FEONA MORRISON

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Abiosi Creations: Taking Interior Designing to another level. BY FEONA MORRISON

For Marlon Agrippa, interior designing is not just a career, it is a passion. Agrippa is the Director of Abiosi Creations—a designing and event planning company which provides decorating services for weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers and other special events. The company, situated at Lot 61 Cummings Street, Georgetown, is also involved in large scale catering for any events. While Abiosi Creations has been in existence for the past nine years, Agrippa has been a designer for 12 years. The works carried out by this company is guided by simplicity and integrity, making its Director an alert team player who makes decisions that benefit his clients and business. Abiosi Creations has thus far executed works for establishments such as the International Development Bank (IDB), the Ministry of the Presidency, the Diplomatic Core, and the Rotaract Club, apart from its usual clients. The company has arranged décor at the Pegasus Hotel, the Marriott Hotel, Park Vue Hotel and Tower Suites, just to name a few. Agrippa pointed out that his company’s main focus is on serving and satisfying customers, and as such, it works on projects of all sizes; from complete design services for all types of events to simply helping clients choose the right colours for occasions. He also takes on select commercial projects in addition to residential design work. As a practising Social Scientist, having graduated from the University of Guyana (UG) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Sociology respectively, he finds satisfaction in helping people feel comfortable with their various social issues. He said that he enjoys the variety of experiences a designing career provides. He has also worked to educate
Abiosi Creations: Taking Interior Designing to another level
Abiosi Creations decorated this scrumptious cake made of fondant icing. A turning light was place at the top of the cake for effect and beauty
the public about what interior designing involves. Agrippa is often told, upon completion of his projects, that he seems like both a trusted advisor and a close friend. But designing firms such as Abiosi Creations do more than decorate, they offer services such as facilitation, training, planning and budgeting. Agrippa has facilitated several programs under his company in designing, understanding shades, and understanding the environment and its relevant objects. This designer has also carried out a training program titled ‘Dress to be Addressed And not to Impress’, which had a deep focus on promoting positive self-image. He has also coordinated programs tackling issues that teenagers face. Agrippa, who was trained under the watchful eyes of London-based designer Joy Washington, confessed that he loves meeting interesting and eclectic people. Further addressing his schooling in the designing field, Agrippa related that he underwent basic design courses at the E. R. Burrowes School of Arts and has been through extensive training under the USAID President Barack Obama Initiative for the Caribbean. His inspirational leadership and commitment to excellence has positioned Agrippa to be a key player in the fashion industry and social welfare setting. On the lighter side, Agrippa enjoys a social evening with a cold glass of wine in hand and a movie that can be considered a lifetime story. Desirous of booking Abiosi Creations for your next event? Contact them on 592-675-4262 or email: marlonisnice@ yahoo.com

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