The Beauty Industry today: 7 Tips for your most beautiful Skin!

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The beauty industry continues to expand globally recording ever increasing profits despite any recessionary economical setbacks. Guyana has seen rising demands within this sector and certainly a growing number of thriving businesses which encompasses far more than skin care products. Today’s beauty industry includes an excellent scope and a wide variety of skin care and cosmetics, a lot that are available over the counters of most beauty supplies stores mostly in Georgetown. However, choosing the right combination to suit your unique blend is often a proven challenge for many, if one is looking to get the most out of their choices. Although there is a lot of room for improvements within this industry, you can benefit from a few places in Guyana that tailors their marketing to include free trials, discounts and bargains on beauty products.
Apart from skin care and cosmetics, a vast number of businesses are centered on helping us to look our best and putting our best face forward includes hair styling, hair removal, skin treatments, nail salons, massage parlors and make up parlors. These service based operations are most pertinent to us looking glamorous and exuding self confidence envious of many. The beauty business seldom if ever, sees decreasing sales but rather capitalizes on expanding the range of products and services because it is highly demanded.
Even though Guyana has not yet peaked in its provisions for certain high end skin care lines and beauty services, we are quite on the verge of climbing that ladder aggressively as many businesses are re-strategizing catering to these changing demands.

1. Sunscreen – I will rate this as the number one ‘beauty tip’ of all times. Wear sunscreen every single day for protection against the sun’s harmful rays which causes extensive damage to the several layers of the skin. For the most effective protection sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher will do for our all year summer skin.

2. Clease, Tone, Moisturizer – This three step process is your ultimate choice to wearing the best skin you’re in. You cannot afford to not have this implemented in your skin routine. However, you should be most strategic in your choice of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. It is essential to choose your products based your skin type. Most over the counter attendants are not so knowledgeable to be able to identify your skin type, so be wary of them trying to sell you products that will do more damage to your most prized possession rather than make you glow.

3. Omega 3, diet – It’s no lie when they say ‘You want healthy skin? Feed it’. Consume foods that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and watch your skin light up. A variety of skin problems including psoriasis, acne and rosacea are inflammatory skin disorders. Omega 3 and 6 fats play an important role in inflammation decrease, healing skin and the overall improvements in skin condition.

4. Hyaluronic Acid – This is the one tip beauticians want to keep as their secret. Naturally found in your body, this ingredient is most interestingly used in skin care creams to secure moisture and create fullness for ultimately more youthful skin that we all crave. It’s true that only a few brands include this ingredient in their products, while some that does are priced ridiculously. Look for it when doing your beauty products shopping, there are a few good buys you can cash in on.

5. Makeup – You do not have to go overboard on your makeup once you have beautiful glowing skin. A little goes a long way as long as you cater to suit your skin tone and type, a problem that most find frustrating. Opt for lighter coverage if you don’t have blemishes and marks and use a concealer to hide flaws and under eye circles. Choosing the brand of makeup? Well that’s a whole new topic I will peruse in a later edition.

6. Exercise – There are too many studies that have proven the benefits on beauty for you not to include this in your quest for reveling brighter beautiful skin. Whether it is hitting the gym, yoga or even taking a run for it, they all add greatly to a more radiant you. How it works? As you sweat the pores dilate expelling trapped dirt and oil, regulating skin-significant hormones, preventing free radical damage and regulating blood flow to skin cells.

7. Avoid High alcohol consumption and smoking – For my heavy drinkers and smokers, beware! Long lasting beautiful skin and these habits do not go together. According to the leading experts, next to the sun and harsh chemicals, tobacco is one of the biggest accelerators of the skin’s naturally aging process while alcohol destroys the skin supply of Vitamin A. This vitamin is used in the formation of new cells and aid in its regeneration process, significantly boost collagen production for a more youthful look. So why should you keep on the booze? Try some red wine instead. Look out for more tips and more reviews on beauty.

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