GWI bridging gap between metered/unmetered consumers.

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GWI bridging gap between metered/unmetered consumers.

– 14,000 consumers metered in 2018DPI,

This year, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has metered 14,000 consumers. This figure, according to the agency’s Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, brings the total amount of metered consumers to 52 per cent.

In times past, Dr. West-Charles explained that the total percentage of unmetered consumers outweighed that of metered consumers. This would have affected water supply to already metered consumers while GWI was unable to track and manage water usage and consumption.

“This means that our water wastage control becomes more effective, in terms of fairness. The customers will know what they are paying for and we are introducing more effective meter reading with respect to these new meters that we are putting in place.”

In 2019, GWI is looking to install 20,000+ smart meters. These meters are expected to continue narrowing the gap between metered and unmetered consumers while providing meter readers with a better way of obtaining information regarding water consumption.

The smart metering system will introduce transparent billing, enable consumer responsibility, leakage notification for GWI and is a sustainable solution as it would save processing time and result in a timely bill printing phase.

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