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Sixteen persons were successful in completing the Coaching Theory Course of the Caribbean Coaches Certification Programme at the Bartica Learning Resource Centre last weekend. The Course was made possible through the collaborative effort between the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA)and the Department of Education of Region #7 and was conducted by Mr. Nicholas Fraser– territorial trainer of the CCCP in Guyana. The Course was held over two weekends beginning Friday December 8 to Sunday December 10, 2017 and concluded January 20-21, 2018.Dr. Karen Pilgrim, Vice-President of the GOA, was on hand on the last day to assist with the presentation to participants on Doping Control.

The Coaching Theory Course forms part of the Caribbean Coaches Certification Programme (CCCP) of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC). Regional Certification will conclude with the evaluation of a practical session in any sport discipline by successful participants of the Coaching Theory Course. This is the second Coaching Theory Course to be held in Guyana; the first CCCP Course was held in Georgetown in April 2017.

Since coaching is an activity that requires competency and not merely an understanding of content, participants of this course are required to demonstrate their ability to accomplish certain tasks that are critical to the job of coaching. Whether planning a safe and effective practice or special event, ensuring a safe playing environment or improving the physical fitness of an athlete, the coach has a responsibility to carry out the duties of a coach competently. To this end, the Coaching Theory Course is designed to improve the competencies of participants to respond to these demands of modern day coaching.

The GOA utilises the CCCP to train coaches, instructors, community and youth club leaders, physical education teachers and religious organisations (involved in sport) as a precursor to Olympic Solidarity training or any specialised training in a particular sport. The successful completion of the course is also a requisite to receive funding or any other form of support from the Guyana Olympic Association.

The Regional Sports Coordinatorvattached to the Department of Education (Region #7), Mr. Mark Ambrose, was crucial to the coordination of the Course in Bartica. He indicated that plans were in train to include these coaches in the development of sport in the Region.


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