Agriculture a key income earning activity in Region Eight

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While North Region Eight is mainly involved in mining activities, the Southern sub-region consists of many Amerindian Villages known for its agricultural productivity amidst the challenges of its location. To ensure that a more networked approach is adopted to boost agricultural production and productivity, Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder spearheaded an Outreach to the Region.

40lb yam grown at Kanapang

The Minister who was accompanied by Permanent Secretary, Delma Nedd and other senior government officials, covered the villages of Kamana, Kurukabaru, Kanapang, Itabac, Kato, Tuseneng, Paramakatoi, Bamboo Creek, and Monkey Mountain, April 11 to 15. The villages of Rukumuta, Karasabai, Tiperu and Yurong Paru in Region 9 were also visited.

At Kamana, the team was greeted by Toshao Jeffery Edwards and councilors where the meeting was held at the Community Center and centered around issues such as Cassava Rot due to flooding the region experienced a few months ago. A request for a cassava machine for the community women project were discussed.

A cassava processing machine at Bamboo Creek

Minister Holder, in giving remarks, spoke of the Ministry’s Agricultural Development Plan for the Region which will be rolled out shortly and will include the recommendations made by the villages.

Crop suitability is a major issued if the region is to effectively tap into its potential and will also be incorporated into the program.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to addressed whatever shortfalls you may have by giving the necessary technical support so that you can tap into your true potential as a village….the development plan which will be implemented seeks to ensure that you expand not only your traditional commodities, but looking into non-traditional,” the Minister said.

The issue of subsistence farmers was also addressed as the Agriculture Minister spoke of the potential of the region in becoming a major exporter to the coast and beyond. He added that while cattle rearing and cassava production is the main income generating product of the region at the moment, the Developmental plan will cater for additional crops and livestock.

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