Artistes ready to vie for 2019 Soca Monarch title ─ three-time Carib Soca Monarch paying ‘Tribute’ ─ reigning Monarch ready to defend title ‘Alone’ ─ 20 Soca artistes to clash in semi-final ─ finals set for February 16 at D’Urban Park, Georgetown DPI, Guyana.

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This year’s Carib Soca Monarch competition is overflowing with artistes who not only seek to highlight the beauty of Guyana and its rich culture but more importantly, its diverse ethnic population.
Dusting off his dance clothes this year is three-time Carib Soca Monarch, Jumo ‘Rubber Waist’ Primo, who has made his lyric book ready to take the competition by storm with his composition. ‘Tribute’, as he has labelled it, speaks for itself; paying tribute to all for their contribution to this festivity.
“This year is all about [a] tribute to Soca, the rhythm, culture, music and a tribute to the people who have us here, the people who would have helped create Mashramani and those still holding it to this day… We are also paying tribute to the bass man, steelpan, drummer, the children, fun, love, the food, the entire thing that creates Mashramani,” the three-time Carib Soca Monarch explained.
He noted that his comeback to the competition would be nothing but fiery, energetic with non-stop vibes and creativity, as is to be expected from the ‘Rubber Waist’ Monarch.
According to Primo, his only competitor is himself hence competing, he will lay it all on the stage and leave the judges to decide. He explained that this is part of his mantra to help him reach new heights in his career.
“My only competition is myself… I do not look at other performers because everyone has to do what they have to do… We have to get up there [on stage] and work… The only person I want to beat is me, every time because that is the only way you can raise the bar,” he added.
Adding his voice to the lineup, reigning Carib Soca Monarch, Brandon Harding said that while he wishes his competitors ‘good luck’ he will not go down without a fight. He is encouraging the populace to listen to his song ‘Alone’. Harding explained that this year’s song speaks to the self-confidence of oneself. He plans to defend his title as Reigning Carib Soca Monarch to remind Lindeners why he was selected.
“It talks about self-confidence, believing in yourself, believing in who you are and believing in what you have. It does not matter who you are, whether male or female, you need to believe in yourself, being happy with yourself and who God bless you with,” he explained.
Harding copped the crown last year with his song ‘Alive’; A song about positivity and rising above challenges, it was also the most played song on the local airwaves.
On Saturday, February 9, 2019, at the Linden/Georgetown Municipal minibus park, 20 Soca artistes will clash in the semi-final of the Carib Soca Monarch competition to secure a spot in the finals for February 16 at D’Urban Park, Georgetown.
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