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So “Bazodee” was officially released in Guyana last Friday and by now most persons would have gotten the opportunity to see it. If not, you would’ve heard of some of the mixed reviews that surrounded it. However if you want to see it for yourself, I’d advise you to scroll past this as there will be some serious SPOILERS!

Featuring the cross between three different cultural traditions “Bazodee” encompassed Bollywood, the calypso-infused Indo-Caribbean “Soca” music of Trinidad and Tobago, and the sitcom humor and aesthetics of American TV. The movie tells of the romantic dilemma that occurs after a young woman is smitten with real-life Soca superstar Machel Montano’s musician.

Anita Panchouri, played by Natalie Perera, is a Trinidad and Tobago native of Indian descent who is arranged to get married to Bharat Kumar, played by Staz Nair, a union that will also solidify a deal between Bharat’s wealthy father, Lokesh, and Anita’s dad, Ram. However their plans for marriage become a little more than complicated when, while picking up Bharat and his family at the airport, Anita runs into Lee and immediately inspires him to resume the musical career from which he’d retired. When fate subsequently sends Lee to play at Anita’s engagement party, their budding feelings for one another begin to blossom, and soon they become “bazodee.” Just in case you didn’t know, it is a term generally used to describe the feeling of and craze of love.

Anita is now caught between responsibility and passion. She ponders on it restlessly until after a while, as would be expected, she chooses to follow her heart instead of getting married for the fame or money.

A sight of the aesthetics as well as the acting shows that there is great hope for Caribbean cinematography. However, that’s not all, you have to see the rest to judge for yourself. The movie is still showing at Caribbean Cinemas at the Giftland Mall so if you would like to catch a glimpse before it stops, go grab yourself a ticket and enjoy.

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