Cohesion Minister reaffirms govt’s commitment to youth empowerment

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─ 4th National Youth Award ceremony held

The Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton reaffirmed the government’s commitment to youth empowerment, on Sunday evening, as several young people were honoured for their positive contributions and achievements at the Fourth National Youth Awards held at the Pegasus Hotel.

Minister Norton described the youths as “confident, courageous, positive and hungry for change” hence, the ministry’s decision to pay tribute to them for their positive contributions.

“The persons and groups who are being honoured tonight have been tackling crucial issues, these range from education to poverty, suicide and mental health… I hereby reaffirm my commitment to youth empowerment and renew my call for your support as key stakeholders in national development,” Minister Norton said.

Permanent Secretary (PS) Melissa Tucker told the awardees that they are a testimony to the capacity and contributions made by the younger generation.

“Young people have proven capabilities and are contributing to national life whether they work at private enterprises, public sector or voluntary organisations, they should be seen not only as beneficiaries or passive recipients of support but rather they should be recognised in their own right as champions, custodians and innovators in development,” Tucker said.

This year’s award ceremony, the fourth annual one, was hosted under the theme “In recognition of outstanding individuals and groups for their work in youth development”. Awards were presented to young people between the ages of 14 and 35, who have contributed to the development of their peers through the use of art, sport, volunteering, youth entrepreneurship and agriculture.

Director of Youth Melissa Carmichael-Hayes highlighted 30 of the 323 applications selected by the ministry to be supported under the Youth Innovation Project of Guyana (YIPoG).

This initiative aims to allow youths the opportunity to solve problems within their communities by designing, developing and producing innovative ideas while using Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Anthropology, Archeology, Arts, Architecture, Mathematics and Spirituality (STEAMS). The director congratulated those applicants whose projects have been selected for support.

The ministry has been allocated $70Million for the initiative.

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Images by Jules Gibson


DSC_0107- Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton

DSC_0113, DSC_0119, DSC_0126, DSC_0150, DSC_0163, DSC_0215- Scenes at the Fourth National Youth Awards ceremony

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