Consultancy to link east coast and east bank roads commences

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At a cost of US$1.321M a 10-month consultancy to link the east bank to the east coast will be undertaken by RITES Ltd, an Indian Public Sector company. This is according to information released by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The Ministry in a statement said that it is advising the general public that the Consultancy Services for the Design of the East Bank – East Coast Road Linkage Project (Diamond to Ogle) commenced on April 13, 2018.

The design will serve to reduce congestion and traffic delays by providing commuters with an alternative route linking the East Coast and East Bank corridors. This will also alleviate traffic congestion within Georgetown as desirous persons will now be able to circumvent the City.

The design will also be integrated with existing roads which will allow commuters improved connectivity into the City and along the East Bank and East Coast of Demerara. The existing roads that are to be connected are:  Ogle Airport Road,  Aubrey Barker Road, Haags Bosch Road,  Mocha Arcadia Road and Diamond Access Road.

Topographic surveys are scheduled along the corridors mentioned above, as such, occupants along these corridors are kindly asked to cooperate with the surveying team during the execution of these works.

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