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The DDL Foundation makes our dreams possible.” These were among the words of thanks from Nicholas Mohabir of Hyde Park, Mahaicony River and the Bishop’s High School.

Nicholas was at the time delivering a thank you message to the members of the DDL foundation on behalf of his colleague beneficiaries of the 2018 batch.

The years awardees are Somira Dainty of Linden, Natalia Squires of Georgetown, and Deevina Chan of Pouderoyen WBD, who gained places Queen’s College, and Anasie Fredericks of Tapakuma Lake, Essequibo Coast, Garnett Bristol o Kuru Kururu, and Nicholas Mohabir of Hyde Park, Mahaicony River, who gained places at the Bishop’s High School.

These six first formers were selected after having met the criteria by excelling at the National Grade Six Examinations and will join more than twenty other students who are currently benefiting from full scholarships under the DDL Foundation.

The DDL Foundation is now in its ninth year and, since 2015 when the first awardees graduated high school, the foundation now accepts new awardees and recognizes graduates each year.

The scholarship covers the main costs associated with attending school. This includes books, uniforms, transportation, and meals where necessary. All students who have excelled in the National Grade Six Examination and who have demonstrated their need for assistance because of their financial or social constraints can apply to the Foundation.

The Foundation was launched in December 2010 with the goal of advancing the education of students who have excelled in the National Grade Six Examination and have demonstrated a need for assistance.

At a simple ceremony held last Thursday at the boardroom of Demerara Bank, Chairman of the DDL Foundation Mr. Harryram Parmesar welcomed the recipients and congratulated them on their successes in the National Grade Six Examination.

The Chairman of Demerara Distillers Limited, Mr. Komal Samaroo, in his remarks to the recipients noted that the awardees “arrived where they have as a result of past effort.” He added that “the company recognizes your talent and effort and we like to help those demonstrate that they are willing to help themselves but need additional help.”

The Foundation comprises mainly volunteers from the DDL staff body and includes a Mentorship Program where each child is linked to a Mentor who will monitor the performance of the child and provide the necessary moral and other support during the period of their relationship with the Foundation.

While the initial funding was set up by the Company, income also comes from employee fund raising activities and donations from employees who donate amounts from their salaries monthly.

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