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Dental Caries by Dr Kyle Jagan!

The word ‘caries’ is derived from the Latin language, meaning to “rot” or “decay”. It is one of the most common and widespread diseases that affects teeth, but is also one of the most preventable.

What causes Dental Caries?

If the teeth and surrounding areas are not cared for properly, the bacteria will begin to digest the sugars left over from food as a waste product. These acids are strong enough to demineralize the enamel on your teeth and form tiny holes: – the first stage of dental caries.

As this continues, in time, acid penetrates into the tooth and destroys it from inside out.


How to prevent Dental Caries?

Dental Caries or cavities are largely preventable with a good oral hygiene regimen. This includes regular dental checkups in order to identify pre-existing conditions before they lead to more serious issues.

A few recommendations from dental professionals include: brushing your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes using fluoride rinse, paste or gel. Flossing regularly after brushing can help you to remove food particles from between the hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. Other professional treatment options, such as fluoride treatment, pit and fissure sealants, are also available as methods of prevention.


Treatment of Dental Caries

Various ways of dealing with dental caries are present, including: fillings, root canals and extractions, depending on the severity of the particular tooth decay which would be determined after clinical assessment done by your dental professional.

Prevention and treatment is of utmost importance for maintenance of one’s oral health.

“Because I’ll have you know Sancho, a mouth without teeth is like a mill without stone and you must value a tooth more than a diamond.” – Miguel de Cervantes, Dan Quixote.


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