Dilapidated Footbridges at Bishops’ High School Restored

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Dr Nazim Baluch, Cuso Canada Volunteer at GCCI, initiated a goodwill project of restoration of two dilapidated footbridges at Bishops’ High School, Carmichael St. on August 1st, 2018. The proposal received full support of Richard Rambarran, Executive Director, GCCI, and the staff at GCCI; Sandi Bowen, Bonicka Gordon, Wayne Seecharan, and Eusi Evelyn – CTCS Project Liaison Officer. With GCCI staff’s help, Dr Nazim Baluch coordinated the resource mobilization process.

GCCI is grateful to the City Engineer Georgetown Mr. ColvernVenture for promptly granting permission to carry out the project. Rafeek Khan and Raymond Imam of WoodsDirect generously committed to execute the project; they not only donated the greenheart wood material but also carried out the restoration work. Nicholas Deygoo of National Hardware andSr VP GCCI kindly donated the white paint and roller kit. The Project was amicably completed on September 17th, 2018. Thanks to all who participated to make this project a success.

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