GFC set to sponsor countrywide kite flying competition

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To emphasize the versatility of Guyana’s timbers the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) is sponsoring a country-wide kite flying competition slated for Easter Monday, April 2nd, 2018. .

The competition sites are Golden Fleece Beach in Essequibo, Basin in Linden, Regatta beach in Bartica, Burnham Parking New Amsterdam, No. 63 Beach in Berbice, and The National Park in Georgetown. On-site judging will be between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, during which representatives of the GFC will judge the kites.

What do you need to qualify? A kite made with Guyanese timber wood, that you have made yourself or one you have bought from one of the kite vendors who continue the long-standing tradition of using Guyanese timber framed kites.

The GFC will be partnering with interested kite-makers in each of the six competition areas; upon purchasing kites from these kite-makers, participants will receive a logo sticker to paste on their kite to identify it when being flown.

Kite flying over the Easter weekend is an important activity for all but sadly, the thrill of making your own “timber frame” kite has been slowly dying- whether it was pointer sticks from a broom and newspaper held together with flour paste; or if you graduated to producing a singing engine kite with Barbados Kite paper; picked your gamma cherry for the paste and decorated it with pictures of movie stars, cut up the old lady’s old cloth to make the tail, the baller and no. 9 twine and the razor blade to deal with anyone who invaded your airspace.

Terrific fun, even if your kite didn’t go up. The GFC believes this exercise will help us to rekindle our culture whilst promoting use of Guyanese timbers.

For more details and competition rules contact us on 226-9874, 226-7271(4)or find us on Facebook @ Guyana Forestry Commission.

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