Govt exploring Public-Private Partnership to boost tourism sector

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he government is exploring avenues which will aid in the development
of Guyana’s tourism sector.

This was disclosed by Minister of Business with responsibility for
Tourism, Dominic Gaskin, while on a visit to Orealla and Siparuta. The
minister told the village councils that having the necessary
infrastructure is vital to the tourism industry.
> “There are a number of things that I think we all have to work on to ensure that Guyana is an attractive destination for tourists and that the individual communities that we wish to promote meet the required standards for primarily international visitors. Because, if we can meet these standards for international visitors then it is more likely that we will also build on the domestic tourism market.”

The Business Minister disclosed that government is exploring avenues
which will aid development in the sector.

Minister Gaskin remarked that the government is cognisant “that the
communities do not have the necessary infrastructure or accommodation
in place to really attract visitors.” As such, he disclosed that the
government is “developing a public-private community partnership.” He
explained that through this “the government as the regulator and the
facilitator will put a framework in place to ensure that there is some
consistency in whatever is entered into between a private investor and
the community.”

Minister Gaskin noted that the lucrative tourism sector is yet to be
fully developed. He stated, “it is never too late, so we have to begin
now.”  Guyana is a beautiful country that it is attractive to
visitors, “therefore we have to go the extra mile and provide them
with the kinds of services that they want,” the minister noted.

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