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Guyana  is  often  revered  for  its vast expanses of tropical forest, unique   ecosystems,   immense diversity of flora and fauna and vibrant cultural heritage. But it is an inescapable fact that Guyana is competing with every other attractive destinations in the world for visitors.

It is on this basis that the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has boosted its efforts with the launch of a new national tourism website (www.guyana-tourism. com).

The new website is designed to raise awareness about Guyana’s distinctive features in the areas of nature and culture.

Many often think of just Kaieteur Falls as the ultimate tourist spot in Guyana. But, the truth is, Guyana has a lot to offer the inquisitive traveler. Some of the highlighted travel experiences that cannot be found anywhere but here include abseiling Mount Roraima, caiman tagging at night and experiencing the daily ranch life of Guyana’s unique indigenous villages.

Want to know the best way to experience the aforementioned? Then take a weekend getaway! Here are three of the best weekend getaways you can enjoy in Guyana:-


1.     Iwokrama

Travel to the spectacular Iwokrama Rainforest and River Lodge! This research centre and eco-lodge gives you an unforgettable experience of Guyana’s pristine virgin rainforest. Start your trip with a flight or drive to the lodge. Have a warm lunch, then set out to explore! Spend the next two days walking the wildlife trails, hiking Turtle Mountain, visiting the Amerindian Petroglyphs and, of course, taking a sky highwalk along the Canopy Walkway found at nearby Atta Lodge.

2.     Arrowpoint Nature Resort

After a short 45-min drive from Georgetown to the Timehri Mariana, take a quick boat ride to the Arrowpoint Nature Resort. On the way, stop by the Indigenous Village of Santa Mission for a tour and a chance to view local craft. After the quick detour, continue your journey down the river to the Arrowpoint Resort. There, you can spend the first day kayaking and swimming, before having a bonfire dinner on the beach and embarking

on a ‘Creature of the Night’ tour. You can spend the second day mountain biking, walking the nature trails, taking part in a cassava bread making presentation or just relaxing before having a delicious lunch and heading back to the mainland. This is one experience that is a must have!

3.     Kaieteur & Baganara Island Resort Want to see Kaieteur Falls during a weekend? Then you are in luck! Evergreen Tours will be able to give you a full tour of the adventurous waterfall and a relaxing retreat at the Baganara Island Resort. There, you can explore the wonders of nature by walking the nature trails, kayaking and even bird watching. Enjoy locally cooked food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a special meal on the beach before your return to Georgetown.

About the Guyana Tourism Authority The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), operating under the Ministry of Business, is   a   semi-autonomous   governmental organization  responsible  for  developing and  promoting  sustainable  tourism  in Guyana.  Its  mission  is  to  develop  and promote sustainable tourism in Guyana through collaboration with sister agencies and the tourism private sector in order to  maximize  local  socio-economic  and conservation outcomes and to improve the visitors’ experience.

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