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GTT has pioneered many firsts in Guyana: the modernization of basic telecommunications, the nationwide launch of cellular services, the first high speed broadband network, the deployment of LTE-based fixed wireless services, and the submarine cable that serves as the lifeblood of Internet connectivity for the country. Additionally, in 2017, GTT launched the nation’s first fibre-to-the-home network, adding to the advanced and secure fibre-based services that GTT has been providing to businesses for years. All told, the company has invested over $150M USD in the development of communications infrastructure and advanced communications and information services in the last 10 years alone.

GTT CEO, Mr. Justin Nedd

Additionally, as the historically leading private employer and tax payer to the Government of Guyana, GTT has been a consistent and positive force in the local economy for economic development. The company is a strong partner to the Government and the private sector, and is committed to “Do More” for its customers, so that they can do more in their businesses and personal lives.

So it comes as no surprise that the company is ready to lead the way in its support to the emerging oil and gas sector. GTT’s, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Justin Nedd, during his presentation to attendees at the recently concluded GIPEX, said that “our beautiful Guyana is on the precipice of an exciting new era, as an impressive array of the world’s leading energy companies develops its offshore oil and gas fields and marches toward production. As with any large infrastructure development activity, a sustained investment of capital and expertise will be critical in making these projects a success. This infusion of financial and technical resources is exactly the type of commitment that GTT has made in Guyana over an extended period, and the company stands ready to partner with the oil and gas industry to ensure its success in Guyana.”

“Of note for the oil and gas companies attending GIPEX, the GTT subsea cable is an impressive example of this commitment. Built in 2010, the subsea cable currently carries 100 percent of the nation’s business and private communications traffic that legally transits the nation’s borders, with plenty of additional capacity to spare,” said Nedd.

He added, since its inception, GTT has continued to invest in the cable to expand its initial capacity 50-fold (5000 percent), and is committed to continuing to invest in and expand cable capacity to accommodate the nation’s growing communications traffic. Through access to other subsea and terrestrial cable holdings and partnerships, GTT also provides the diverse redundant fibre paths that ensure always-on connectivity.

For on-shore needs, GTT is also Guyana’s leading provider of advanced connectivity and information solutions. One key reason for this is the IP-MPLS network that has been designed for the scalability and high reliability demanded by sophisticated business customers.

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