Guyana celebrates 48 years as a Republic today

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Today all of Guyana celebrates Mashramani. But does all of Guyana understand the meaning of Mashramani?  Maybe not!  Well Mashramani is derived from the Arawak language and means celebration after a job well done.

Moreover, it is characterised by celebration ranging from a festival- type celebration complete with music, dancing and even togetherness across ethnicity, religion and politics.

The national celebration of Mashramani was brought into being after Guyana became a Cooperative Republic on February 23, 48 years ago [1970].

This year the celebration, much like all the previous years since the first Republic celebration, was set in motion with a flag-raising ceremony. Moreover, Guyanese gathered in their numbers last night to set the celebration in motion at the Homestretch, Georgetown, D’Urban Park.

Ahead of the hoisting of the flag, the event featured a cultural presentation, which celebrated the Guyanese way of life and national patrimony. This was followed by a military parade and the highlight of the evening; the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead on the 180 foot flagpole at midnight, followed by the traditional fireworks display put on by the Guyana Defence Force.

This year, Republic Day is being celebrated under the theme “Let’s Cooperate and Celebrate Republic 48.”

Today the celebration with continue with a procession of floats through the streets of Georgetown much to the enjoyment of Guyanese far and near and even others visiting just to be a part of Republic Day 2018.

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