GWI unveils massive water improvement plans for Region One

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The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has been making concerted efforts to ensure that residents of hinterland communities have equal access to potable water continue. The efforts in this regard has been reflected in several ongoing projects. GWI recently released information of some of these 2018 projects which are being undertaken in Region One.

Among these are Potable Water Well at Koko, Moruca to Serve 500 Residents. This has seen GWI drilling a new well at Koko, Moruca, which will provide potable water for approximately 500 persons within 102 households at a total cost of G$8.7 million. The well has been tested and an agreement is being signed with the community to undertake civil works to ensure the well supplies the community by July 2018. This project continues to provide employment for the residents of Koko. The Koko Health Centre and Primary School will also benefit from reliable access to potable water.

Also Hosororo, Mabaruma is to receive treated water. According to GWI, residents of Hosororo, Mabaruma will obtain access to treated water for the first time as GWI advances the construction of filters and a new pumping system for that community. Works being undertaken will see residents benefitting from extended hours of water supply and increased level of service. An additional storage tank will support the supply of the Wanaina Pump Station to the service area.

Presently, materials are being sourced and works have already commenced in Georgetown on the prefabrication of the filter tanks, which will be transported to the community. Following this, construction will commence on site. The Hosororo Primary and Nursery Schools and the Health Post will benefit from access to potable water. The Water Supply System will be providing for more than 100 homes at a total investment cost of almost $G 20 million and is projected to be completed over the next three months.

Further GWI said, 600 persons are to benefit from a week at  Kamwatt.

Works are expected to commence on the drilling of a new well at Kamwatta (Barima/Waini), which will see approximately 600 persons gaining first time access to potable water, including the Kamwatta Health Centre and Primary School.

GWI has already secured a no objection for half of an acre of land and the contractor will soon mobilise at the project site. The projected completion date for the project is the second half of 2018 and this project would provide jobs for the residents of Kamwatta during the execution.

Also GWI has GWI has plans to drill a new well in Oronoque, which is currently in its developmental stage and will aid in providing potable water for approximately 200 persons as well as the newly constructed Hospital in the community. This project would provide jobs for the villagers of Oronoque and is being executed at a total cost of G$18.9 million. It is estimated that the works will be completed by July, 2018.

Also some 500 residents of Rincon will gain first time access to potable water following the completion of a water supply improvement project in that community at a cost of GYD$ 3.5 million.

GWI, through the Santa Rosa Village Council, is currently conducting works which entail the installation of 1.5 km of transmission lines in the community. Ninety percent of the pipe laying has been completed and the installation of individual service connections is ongoing.

This section of the community is sourcing water by way of rain water harvesting and from a shallow well with a hand pump, located at the center of the community. The completion of this project will see all residents in Santa Rosa receiving reliable supply of potable water.

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