‘Let’s work together to market Guyana’ – Min. Gaskin to media

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As efforts to market destination Guyana, the Department of Tourism and
the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) met with senior editors of various
media houses at a breakfast meeting at the Cara Lodge Hotel today.

They examined ways in which the agencies can collaborate to push
tourism locally and internationally.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Brian Mullis said it
is crucial that the media work along with the local tourism bodies to
strengthen Guyana’s image. “We feel the local media can build on the
positivity that is coming, and paint a more positive image of Guyana
in the process.” He added that the GTA is prepared to support this

Minister of Business with responsibility for Tourism, Dominic Gaskin
said while he would like to see the growth of the local tourism
industry among the international competitive tourism industry; the
government and media must consider several factors in reaching its
target audience.
> “The media and government perform a similar function. The question is whether we share a common purpose when it comes to delivering information relating to tourism… I think that it is better if the information coming out of Guyana has the net effect of bringing more visitors to Guyana rather than scaring people away from Guyana.”

The Department of Tourism’s Director-General, Donald Sinclair reminded
that it takes two to build and nurture a good relationship. “A tourism
establishment that is more forthcoming and declaratory about its
programmes, projects and initiatives should find a media establishment
that has a hefty appetite for avid investigation and fair and balanced

Mitra Ramkumar, President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association
of Guyana, reiterated the necessity of the media role in influencing
visitors’ decisions. “In order for us to sell this country we need to
value the treasure and gem that we have for a country…it is even more
so now that we are on the brink of first oil.”

The meeting garnered inputs from the various media representatives on
techniques that can be used to influence the outflow of positive
information on Guyana. The tourism bodies welcomed the recommendations
made and promised to collaborate going forward and engage in similar

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