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Our featured person for the week is national cyclist and recording artist Dharmanand Rudradeo that goes by the stage name of Raptorious in the rap/hip-hop genre. Dharmanand is 30 years of age and started cycling at the age of 12 where he was a member of a cycling team called “Kaieteur Cycle Club” where he was trained by coach Dwayne Gibbs and the late James flower. Coach Gibbs was his mentor throughout his career he also rates Gibbs as the best all-rounder cyclist in Guyana. Dharmanand won many cycling events and represented Guyana overseas where he won gold and silver medals. He is currently training to make a return for the 2018 cycling season. His rapping name, “Raptorious” was first recognized on the local rap scene for his skills which were showcased on the Guyana Freestyle Cypher and other battle rap competitions. His success led him to become a member of the local rap group called “Mater Mindz” where he was produced by fellow group member God is Accra. During this period, he did several solo and collaborative recordings which were aired and performed at various radio stations and public venues. Raptorious is currently affiliated with producer Gary Springer at BOSS IRIE RECORDS and is currently recording his first debut album “The Raptorious LP” Throughout it all Dharmanand is known for his humbleness and extreme self-driven motivation to become successful in his goals. He believes that nothing is impossible and that it’s wrong to judge someone by their image or character because the probability is high that you’re not aware of the reasons for what you see and think. He also has an alter ego like comparing an angel to a hellspawn and loves the colour black.

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