Lucky Shoppers Win Free Groceries from DSL Cash & Carry

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Mr. Michael Cleghorne of E Field Sophia, ECD won himself one year’s worth in free groceries compliments of DSL Cash & Carry during its December “Free Groceries” Promotion.

Mr. Cleghorne along with 11 other winners entered and won prizes in the DSL Cash & Carry’s “Free Groceries” drawing which took place at the DSL Cash & Carry’s Sheriff Street’s parking lot on 5th January 2018. Customers shopping during the months of November and December 2017 were given a coupon for every $5,000 spent at the DSL Cash & Carry Diamond, Ruimveldt & Sheriff Street locations.

One lucky customer also won three Months’ Free Groceries, while five customers won one Month’s Free Groceries. Five customers won free cash back on their total invoice for the day.

A very excited Mr. Cleghorne noted “I feel very ecstatic about winning the grand prize. I always support DSL Cash and Carry and will continue to do so since they are one of the few places that give back. They have excellent customer service and so I encourage other persons to shop at DSL Cash and Carry too”.

Mr. Bryan Prittipaul, General Manager of Distribution Services Limited, congratulated the winners and noted that DSL Cash & Carry was very pleased to give back to its shoppers in 2017.  He encouraged shoppers to continue to support the DSL brand as they will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes as part of the Company’s monthly customer promotions.

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