Making an impact for 19 years – the story of Maranda Sobers-Stoll

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There’s no overstating the vital role a teacher can play in an
individual’s life. The amount of time they spend with students
watching them grow into responsible human beings, it is not impartial
to say that teachers are like second parents to many. They are
influential by nature and often take advantage of opportunities to
teach life lessons when they present themselves.

This is the story of the Deputy Headteacher of Hope Secondary School,
Maranda Sobers-Stoll who has been in the teaching profession for 19
years. Starting her career stint in 1999 at the Annandale Secondary
School, Sober-Stoll said the profession was not her intended career as
she one day hoped to become a Stewardess.

After joining the teaching profession and serving 13 years at the
Annandale Secondary School, Sobers-Stoll was appointed Deputy
Headteacher at the Hope Secondary School, in 2002. She previous acted
in the capacity as Headteacher at the school for two years.

The mother of one explained that her ability to contribute to a better
tomorrow for her country is what has kept her in the profession over
the years.

“We can really impact children’s lives, we are their second parents
and they love us as teachers. The fact that I can impact children’s
lives and help to mould our tomorrow because they are our future is
what has kept me this long. When you see them out there and they can
get good jobs, it makes a difference,” Sobers-Stoll said.

The deputy headteacher related that her experience as a teacher over
time has led her to want more from the profession.

After graduating from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) and
obtaining her degree in Biology-Chemistry from the University of
Guyana, Sobers-Stoll completed the Post Graduate Degree in
Administration and Master’s Degree in Measurement and Evaluation.

Highlighting some of her favourite moments, the deputy headteacher
recounted her most memorable moment being a surprised celebration on
her birthday by her (then) 11th-grade students at Annandale Secondary.
She explained the surprise continued the following year at home, even
after the students graduated. “I felt special and it really showed me
that we as teachers have a great impact on our students.”

With her wealth of experience, the deputy headteacher had encouraging
words for young teachers and persons interested in joining the
profession. “The profession is a noble one and it can only be as noble
as you make it. As teachers, whether young or old we need to carry
ourselves in a manner that is suiting and deserving of this job. Those
aspiring to come into the profession, I want to say it is no easy
road, it is rough but there are many good times. Be prepared to work
hard because it is what we do.”

Sobers-Stoll is also a lecturer at the CPCE. She plans to continue
serving her country by moulding the minds of the younger generation
“for a brighter tomorrow”.

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