Mash 2019 outstanding performers awarded ─ Mashramani 2019 celebration deemed a massive success – it promoted inclusivity – Mashramani is a celebration that belongs to Guyanese; everyone must play their role in developing the festivity in every way possible – Min. Norton – “Jubliee Republic celebration in 2020 to be even more spectacular”

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Guyana’s 49th Republic anniversary celebration saw a calendar of events to mark the occasion. Several competitions were also held as part of the Mashramani celebrations. On Friday, March 15, a presentation ceremony was held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) to award the competitors for their spectacular performances.

Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, who also has responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport said the celebration was executed in a manner that was all-inclusive. This, he said, was evident in the huge turnout by Guyanese at every event that was held, leading up to the big celebration. The activities not only attracted large crowds in Region 4 but throughout every region, as it gave everyone a taste of the Mashramani celebration.

“I commend each competitor, and I hope that all within the Soca, Chutney and Calypso arenas will continue this trend in years to come. This could be your way of joining the wagon to promote social cohesion and demonstrate the importance and beauty that lies in inclusion and embracing diversities” the minister stated.

Mashramani, the minister reminded, is a celebration that belongs to Guyanese and everyone must play their role in developing the festivity in every way possible. He noted that while not all the participants can be awarded, they must all be proud of the role they played that contributed to the overall success of the celebration.

“As the Minister with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, I will do everything possible to support and encourage your creative growth. I encourage each of you to work with us as we seek to make Mashramani 2020, the Jubilee celebration even more spectacular” Minister Norton stated.

The awards were as followed for the various events:

•Carib Soca Competition (snr.)
·1st – Brandon Harding
·2nd – Steven Ramphal

·3rd – Oxbert Cain (Vintage)

•Chutney Song Competition:

·1st – Steven Ramphal
·2nd – Cahit Singh Mohanlall (Bunty Singh)
·3rd – Pooran Seeraj
·4th – Arijit Singh

·People’s Choice Award – Hamesh Rhyna (Entertainer V Star)

•Junior Calyspo Competition:
·1st – Jamal Stuart
·2nd – Jovinski Thorne
·3rd – Jada Harry
·4th – Keziah Henry

·People’s Choice Award – Jamal Stuart

•Junior Soca Competition:
·1st – Jovinski Thorne
·2nd – Faith Corrica
·3rd – Dexter Copeland
·4th – Jada Harry
·People’s Choice Award – Faith Corric

•Banks Calypso Competition (snr.)

·1st – Kenroy Fraser (Mighty Believer)
·2nd – Roger Hinds (Young Bill Rogers)
·3rd – Diana Chapman.

•Full Costume Bands:

•Large bands

·1st – Ministry of the Presidency – Dept. of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth & Sport
·2nd – Ministry of Communities
·3rd – Regional Administration Number Three.

•Medium bands:
·1st – Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs,
·2nd – Ministry of Business
·3rd – Ministry of Natural Resources (A)

•Small Bands:
·1st – Ministry of Education
·2nd – Linden Technical Institute
·3rd – Maxi Williams Designs.The title of ‘Road March’ was given to Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Roberts for her song ‘One Voice’.

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