M&CC on mission to reclaim open spaces

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The Mayor and City Council of the City of Georgetown continues to weed, clear, and clean all of its parapets, reserves and other open spaces. This is in keeping with its obligation under the Municipal and District Council Act Chapter 28:01.

This is according to information released by the municipal which revealed that this move comes as part of a wider City plan to reclaim all open spaces that are collectively owned by all the citizens of Georgetown. Therefore, the Council is urging all individuals to desist from placing, storing, or constructing anything on its reserves and thoroughfares.

No individual has the right to appropriate any such open space or reserve without first obtaining prior permission from the Mayor and City Council. Under the law, the Council is authorized to remove any vehicle, box, barrel or anything that has been placed on its parapets and thoroughfares without its permission.

According to the law It shall not be lawful for any person to carry on a pavement or foot-path any receptacle containing fish or greasy articles, or any bundle of wood, or other article likely to incommode any other person to ride or lead any animal or ride or wheel a bicycle or drive a vehicle or push any hand-truck, wheelbarrow or other vehicle other than a perambulator containing a child along a pavement or foot-path or throw any dirty water or other fluid, fruit skins, seeds or other refuse on a pavement on foot-path

No person shall leave, place, or store, or cause to be left placed, or stored, any vehicle, cart, dray, barrel, box, dust-bin, tree trunk, branch, limb, or other thing upon any street, parapet or pavement, with any vehicle, cart, dray, barrel, box, dust-bin or other thing”.

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