New Samsung Experience Center launched at STARR Computer

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Local computer giant STARR Computer Inc. recently launched a new Samsung Experience showroom at their 59 Brickdam St, Georgetown office as the company aims to create a new customer experience.

President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan said while quality brands with excellent customer services and full warranty support are critical for the success the company, the showroom appearance must always tell a story about its contents.

He explained that the Samsung Experience Center and the other brand departments within STARR Computer competes amongst themselves continuously to better their experience, to give customers that special welcome feelings on each visit.

“Customers have enough challenges in their daily lives and appreciates these little esthetics when they visit your store, so when they make that special effort to visit you, why not try to reciprocate by showing your appreciation to their choice to visit your business by creating a great experience for them,” Mr. Mohan emphasised.

As an analogy, Mohan said restaurant chefs are taught the importance of “presentation” of food. “It’s not enough that the food be good and nourishing, it must also be appealing to the eyes. That’s why parsley growers survive. Not many people eat parsley, but they are used as a garnish on platters of fish and other foods. Why? To provide a touch of color and make you want to order the dish. The same happens in all industries,” he explained.

Further, he noted that with Guyana’s oil and gas economy on the horizon, lots of International visitors will be passing through Georgetown, and therefore, companies all need to make special efforts to raise their business standards – quality products, great customer services, full warranty, and, fantastic customer experience.

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