New Ultrasound Services at both the Mahaicony and Fort Wellington Hospitals

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During the course of last week, the Region Five Health Authorities were able to launch a number of activities, including the distribution of anti-filarial pills and a medical outreach, in partnership with overseas-based “Bridges Global Mission.”

Adding to this, The fIrt Wellington Hospital also commissioned a fully functional ultrasound unit as the administration seeks to better the level of health care in the region.

Patients are therefore now able to access ultrasond services at both the Mahaicony and Fort Wellington Hospitals. One of the focus also was the need to tackle mental health issues within the region. As such, moves have been made to seek a psychiatrist to be placed at a strategic point accessible to these locations.

The new Ultrasound Unit comes in a time of great need, especially in such a distant area from the city where most persons had to go to get any imagery of this sort done.

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