New vehicles to boost GWI response time

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The procurement of six motorcycles and two canter trucks will see the Guyana Water Inc. significantly boosting its response time to customers and improving its overall operations in Regions Three, Four and Five.

The vehicles arrived yesterday at GWI’s Corporate Complex, Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Georgetown, where Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and other senior officials gathered for a photo opp.

Dr. Van West-Charles said the motorcycles “will allow the staff to move very fast and these are only the first set of 12”. He pointed out that the additional motorcycles will be allocated to Regions 6, 7 and 10.

Meanwhile, the trucks will be used in Georgetown. “This will enhance the process in terms of how we respond to the number of leaks that are occurring or problems with customers or our pumps etc.”, the Managing Director explained.

He added that without adequate transportation, GWI cannot function effectively. The vehicles will also aid in transporting the emergency crews.

Dr. Van West-Charles posited that management is striving to ensure that the operational aspect of the company is equipped with the necessary tools required to enhance the efficiency of its services.

Further explaining the reasoning behind the purchase of the vehicles, Executive Director of Operations, Mr. Dwayne Shako, said, “Region 4 has a very specific challenge where we have a number of meters that are not functioning and many times moving through traffic is really difficult to get to get to customers and we’re wasting a lot of time in traffic so the initiative was really to get to the customer as quickly as possible.”

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