Newly-elected Mayor and Deputy for Corriverton

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Former Councillor of Corriverton, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), Winston Roberts is now the town’s Mayor-elect.

When the council met on November 29 to elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, it resulted in a clear win for Roberts for the position of ‘First Citizen’ with him gaining the support of the full chamber.

After the voting concluded, Imran Amin was nominated for the Deputy Mayor position and again the entire chamber went in favour of the only nomination.

The Mayor-elect, in a brief comment after the elections, spoke about cooperation from all councillors and promised to continue along the same path of development for the benefit of the township. Roberts stressed that they are a team of committed councillors, who are eager to serve their constituencies and community as a whole.

When asked what prompted him to run for office, he said he was always a community-oriented person and always found himself involved in various community groups and projects.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Mayor-elect Imran Amin was touted as a people’s person, with a wealth of experience in the field of community development and working with others. In his brief remarks, he asked that the same attitude portrayed during the past seven months continue so as to enhance the work of the Council and the town.

The council is comprised of 14 – PPP councillors and 2- APNU councillors.

Meanwhile, over in Rose Hall Town yesterday Chattergoon Ramnauth was elected as the new Mayor of the township with Deonauth Harrinarine of Williamsburg elected as the new Deputy Mayor. Winston Hope was nominated by an APNU councillor, but he declined, leaving Ramnauth unopposed for the spot, while Harrinarine grabbed eleven votes against Sandra Chisholm for APNU. There are currently 11-PPP councillors with 5-


Story and Images: Tanuja Raikha


20181129_150052- Newly-elected Mayor of Corriverton, Winston Roberts

20181129_145534 – Deputy-Mayor, Imran Amin 

20181129_143809, 20181129_143759 – Members of the Council 

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