Night Games to kick off in Karrau

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Residents of the Indigenous village of Karrau in Region Seven are now
enjoying their newly constructed football field.

On Sunday last, Toshao of Karrau, Romeo Smith commissioned the field
which is fully equipped with several floodlights, at the Karrau
Heritage Day celebration. The project was funded through a
collaborative effort between the government and the Karrau village and
the regional council.

Toshao Smith said, “we had a lot of self-help; many of the community
members came out to make this project a success.”

He noted the village has undertaken several other projects of recent.
“We are moving forward. I think once we continue at this pace with
project developments, this village will see a lot of improvements
within the next few years,” Smith said.

The Toshao added that soon the village will establish a second well in
the higher lands of Karrau. This, he noted, will see persons in those
areas provided with access to potable water “at their doorsteps.”

Chairman of Region Seven, Gordon Bradford commended the development in
the village. He highlighted that work has been completed on the lower
flat of the Karrau Creek Primary School and the council will soon
commence work on the upper flat.

Bradford praised the Infrastructure Ministry for recent road work
development carried out in the village. “Mini-buses and cars can now
traverse in the area. Roadworks were done from Karrau to Blue Mountain
area, and this is good for the village.”

The chairman recognised the pace at which the community is developing
and pledged further the development of the villages in the region.

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