Police outreach at Leguan – a success ─ Leguan community policing group to be resuscitated ─ permanent traffic cop to be placed on the island ─ police to form youth groups and engage youth in sport activities

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The residents of Leguan are breathing a sigh of relief after senior officers from the Guyana Police Force – ‘G’ Division senior conducted a community walkabout.

The engagement with the residents was led by Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Khalil Pareshram on Friday last and according to Commander Pareshram, the visit was planned a while back but due to important engagements, had to be rescheduled.

“Leguan is part of our territory in ‘G’ Division and I agree that engagements with the residents are important hence our long-awaited visit. Let me make a commitment to re-visit early next month and do a follow up from this visit and as practical as can be, we from the senior team will make more frequent visits,” Commander Pareshram pledged.

Sattrohan Maharaj, a resident, pointed out during his engagement with the high-level team that there was a need for the resuscitation of the community policing group on the island. It was felt that with the disbanding of the group there was an increase in petty crimes. Commander Pareshram noted the suggestion immediately instructed Inspector Isaacs, who has responsibilities for the islands, to resuscitate the community policing group.

Concerns were also raised about the derelict vehicles that are currently lying along the road shoulders and the police force committed to writing the Ministry of Public Infrastructure about the situation. They also committed to teaming up with the NDC and residents to remove the vehicles.

A decision was taken to immediately have a permanent traffic rank on the island as a response to traffic concerns raised by the residents.

Some residents spoke about the increasing use of illegal substances and pointed out some houses where the alleged activities are taking place. The view was posited that these locations were linked to unemployment of the youth. Commander Pareshram signalled to the residents that impromptu raids will be conducted and simultaneously his officers will be engage in establishing youth groups across the island. The groups are expected to be provided with equipment that will allow the youth to be meaningfully engaged and also aid in the provision of recreational engagements for the entire island for both boys and girls.

In closing, the commander assured the residents that they will see more of him frequently on the island.

The Guyana Police Force is on a countrywide outreach, reaching with communities to enhance, maintain and in some cases rebuild the public’s trust in the force, a move initiated by Commissioner Leslie James.

Story and Image: Ganesh Mahipaul

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